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RBIS is up 625%: Arbismart coin is now on every crypto strategist’s radar


The digital currency market can be lucrative, but also exceptionally volatile. However, if you want to ride the crypto rollercoaster high but skip the dip there is one coin that offers an unmatched investment opportunity: it’s RBIS, the token behind the ArbiSmart project. 

This coin can continue to generate passive profits in a bull or bear market. The token has been steadily rising in price since it was introduced two years ago, and analysts are projecting a rise to forty times its current value by 2023.

Reduced exposure with Arbismart and RBIS coin

ArbiSmart is a licensed platform that performs crypto arbitrage, an investing strategy that takes advantage of temporary price disparities. These are brief instances where a coin is available across multiple exchanges at different prices at the same time. 

Arbismart RBIS
ArbiSmart is a EU licensed platform

The ArbiSmart platform is connected to a large number of exchanges which it scans around the clock, looking for price differences. It buys the cryptocurrency on the exchange where the price is lowest and then sells wherever the price is highest. Profits start at 10.8% and reach up to 45% a year, depending on the deposit amount.

Price discrepancies can have various causes such as disparities in trading volume and liquidity between bigger and smaller exchanges. As a result, short-term price differences will continue to occur with the same regularity, regardless of whether the market is going up or down.  So, your Bitcoin and Ethereum will maintain its value, while continuing to generate great passive profits, even in a bear market, making ArbiSmart a great hedge against a crypto crash. 

Accelerated Growth

ArbiSmart is rapidly gaining momentum. Year-over-year growth stood at 150% in 2020 and there has been a significant rise in platform usage since then. 

Arbismart RBIS
Arbismart is growing sharply

Development is also ongoing with the recent implementation of major system upgrades and a series of new RBIS utilities scheduled for launch. Starting in Q4 2021 and continuing through Q1 2022, ArbiSmart will be introducing an interest-generating wallet for both crypto and fiat, a mobile app, a crypto credit card and a yield farming program. 

In addition, Q4 of 2021 will see RBIS listed. Once this milestone is reached, you will need to purchase RBIS from an exchange to use any of these ArbiSmart services. 

The new utilities and exchange listing are likely to increase the token price substantially but as demand rises, the RBIS supply will remain finite, with a cap of 450M.

Enhanced Revenue

ArbiSmart offers additional means of earning passive profit above and beyond yields from automated crypto arbitrage, which, based on the size of your investment, can reach up to 45% a year (3.75% a month).

If you decide to place your crypto in a long-term savings account, locking the funds for a preset contracted period, you can generate up to 1% in additional earnings per day

Arbismart RBIS
With Arbismart you can earn 1% per day

RBIS also generates huge returns in capital gains. Since the token was launched in 2019, it has already gone up to almost six times its original value and the price is continuing to rise steadily.  

RBIS has continued to climb in value consistently and with all the new developments in the pipeline the price is set to soar in the coming months.  The token is outperforming many far more established coins and offers a reliable investment opportunity in either a bull or bear market. To take advantage while the price is still reasonable, buy RBIS now.

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