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RBIS: double your Bitcoin in a bull or bear trend with Arbismart


There is one coin that is starting to generate a lot of buzz, primarily due to the fact that it offers an excellent hedge against a fall in prices, alongside profits of up to 45% a year. RBIS, the native token of the ArbiSmart project has already gone up in value by more than 629% and analysts are predicting a 2,000% rise by the close of 2021.

So far in 2021, we’ve seen crypto market prices soaring then suddenly sinking before rising and falling all over again. As a result of all this uncertainty, strategists are on the hunt for ways to benefit from the opportunities presented by the crypto space, without the danger of their investment losing all its value, if prices suddenly take another dive.

With Arbismart your crypto will hold its value

When it comes to protecting your crypto capital from market volatility, ArbiSmart serves as a safe port in a storm. Here’s how.

ArbiSmart performs automated crypto arbitrage, which is an investment strategy that takes advantage of brief instances where a coin is available on a number of exchanges at different prices simultaneously. Connected to 35 exchanges, ArbiSmart’s platform scans for price differences on hundreds of coins, 24 hours a day. It makes money by buying the coin on the exchange where it is priced lowest and instantly selling it, wherever the price is highest.

Arbismart RBIS
ArbiSmart scans for price differences on hundreds of coins, 24 hours a day.

Temporary price differences across exchanges can have all kinds of causes, such as variations in liquidity and trading volume between bigger and smaller exchanges. This means that they will continue to occur whether there is a bull or a bear market, so if the market suddenly tanks your Bitcoin or Ethereum won’t suddenly lose its value.

ArbiSmart isn’t just providing a great hedge against a downtrend. Depending how much you invest, profits from crypto arbitrage range from 10.8% to 45% a year (0.9% to 3.75% a month). In fact, platform revenues are so reliable that you can consult ArbiSmart’s yield table to see in advance the exact amount you can expect to make within that profit range, based on the size of your deposit.

Arbismart RBIS
Arbismart grants a profit of 1% a day

The Money is really good

ArbiSmart offers a great way to store your Bitcoin and Ethereum, safeguarding against falling prices while earning a great return from automated trading, but that is just the beginning.

As well as up to 45% a year in passive profit from crypto arbitrage you receive compound interest and as much as a whopping 1% a day in additional income if you hold your funds in a locked savings account for a contracted period. Your biggest money-maker of all however is capital gains on the steadily climbing price of the RBIS token, which has already gone up by 520% in just two years and is projected to soar in value in the coming months, for a variety of reasons laid out below..

There is no point generating a fortune if it can all be lost to shady practices and shoddy security. So, it’s worth noting that ArbiSmart is EU licensed, with all the safeguards and security protocols that it demands. Also, the project has no history of system breaches or legal difficulties and has an excellent reputation for reliability and revenue generation.

RBIS, the future looks bright for Arbismart’s coin

In 2020, the ArbiSmart project saw YOY growth of 150% and the community has grown massively since then with a huge rise in platform usage.

RBIS Arbismart
RBIS has grown up in value since its launch

2021 is proving to be a banner year for the RBIS token. A series of major upgrades to the platform architecture have been implemented and listing on the global crypto exchanges is set for Q4, which should push up the price significantly. In addition, a wide array of new RBIS utilities is scheduled for launch starting in Q4 and continuing through to early 2022, including a crypto and fiat interest-generating wallet, a yield farming program, a new mobile app, a crypto credit card and more.

Each of these developments is likely to drive up the token value, but as demand grows, the RBIS supply will remain finite, capped at 450 million.

Taking all these factors into consideration it is no surprise that analysts are projecting that RBIS will rise to forty times its current value by 2023.

RBIS offers a great way to get your foot in the door, with a token that is built to withstand crypto market volatility. If you want to purchase the token now before the price shoots up, you can buy RBIS here.

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