Arbismart’s RBIS Is Up 650% and Still Climbing. Here’s Why
Arbismart’s RBIS Is Up 650% and Still Climbing. Here’s Why

Arbismart’s RBIS Is Up 650% and Still Climbing. Here’s Why

By Crypto Advertising - 14 Oct 2021

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The extreme volatility of the crypto market is already well established. There is however, one coin that even at the height of a bear market will continue to generate reliable, generous passive profits, and it is starting to gain a lot of attention within the crypto community. RBIS is the token behind the ArbiSmart project, which performs automated crypto arbitrage.

In the two years since it was introduced, the coin has gone up to more than six times its original value, and analysts are projecting a 4,000% rise by 2023.

Why RBIS, Arbismart coin, is growing so much

Here are five reasons why RBIS is able to live up to the growing hype:

  • A Low Risk, Low Effort, High Yield Utility

ArbiSmart offers automated crypto arbitrage. This means that it generates ROI from temporary price inefficiencies. These are brief instances where a coin is simultaneously available at different prices, across a number of exchanges. ArbiSmart’s algorithm scans nearly 40 exchanges at once, looking for price inefficiencies on hundreds of coins. It buys the coin on the exchange with the lowest price and then sells it on the exchange with the highest price to make a profit on the spread.

Arbismart RBIS
ArbiSmart scans nearly 40 exchanges at once

For platform users, the process is effortless. You just sign up, fund your account with fiat or crypto and then the algorithm does the rest. Your capital is automatically converted into RBIS and then used for crypto arbitrage trading.

Returns range from 10.8% a year to 45% a year, (0.9% to 3.75% a month), depending on the size of your deposit.

  • A Hedge Against Crashing Market Prices

The advantage of generating profits from automated crypto arbitrage is that you are shielded from crypto market volatility. 

Arbismart RBIS
Arbismart is a protection against volatility

Temporary price inefficiencies have multiple causes, such as disparities in trading volume and liquidity between different sized exchanges, and they will continue to arise as consistently as ever in a bear or bull market.  So, even if the market collapses, your crypto will not lose its value and you will keep earning a steady, reliable return, making ArbiSmart a valuable hedge against a crash.

  • Numerous Reliable Revenue Streams

Being less vulnerable to crypto market volatility, crypto arbitrage profits are relatively predictable. As a result, using the ArbiSmart yield calculator, you can know ahead of time precisely how much you will make, over any given time frame, based on the size of your investment.

Arbismart gives compound interests to users

With ArbiSmart, your crypto arbitrage earnings are supplemented with compound interest. Also, if you hold your capital in a locked savings account for a contracted period, you can make as much as 1% a day, in additional passive profits.

Then, there are capital gains from the rising value of the native token. RBIS has gone up by 630% in just two years and is continuing to climb steadily.

  • Multiple New Utilities on the Way

This is in part due to the fact that the ArbiSmart development team has been very busy. Major upgrades have been made to the system architecture in recent months, with more to come before the end of the year.

RBIS Arbismart
New utilities coming for RBIS

Additionally, a series of new products and services are in the pipeline. In Q4 2021, ArbiSmart is launching an interest-generating wallet for fiat and crypto, and in early 2022, a mobile app, a yield farming program and a crypto credit card will also be introduced.

  • Listing on Exchanges

With the many new developments in the pipeline, the RBIS price is likely to rise significantly in the months ahead and the value of the token is on track to soar even higher once it is listed later this quarter.

RBIS Arbismart
RBIS will soon be listed on exchanges

As soon as RBIS is tradable, you will have to purchase it on an exchange if you wish to use any RBIS utility. Yet, while demand climbs, supply is permanently limited, capped at 450M RBIS.

By all indications, the RBIS token is about to take off, and if you want to already be on board when it does then now is the time to buy. Purchase RBIS here.

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