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Porta Network Launches $KIAN Staking to Reward Holders


LONDON, Nov 17, 2021. Porta Network, a new Layer 1 blockchain built with Substrate, is launching staking for its token $KIAN on Thursday 18th November at 1pm UTC.

Holders will be able to stake $KIAN tokens to receive $KIAN tokens as an award.

Porta Network Staking Pools

Token holders can stake $KIAN in the following pools:

Pool 1

  • Duration: 30 days

  • APR: 30%

  • Minimum lock up: 14 days

  • Maximum stake: 50,000 $KIAN

  • This pool is initially capped at 3 million $KIAN

Pool 2

  • Duration: 60 days

  • APR: 50%

  • Minimum lock up: 21 days

  • Maximum stake: 50,000 $KIAN

  • This pool is initially capped at 2 million $KIAN

Pool 3

  • Duration: 90 days

  • APR: 70%

  • Minimum lock up: 30 days

  • Maximum stake: 50,000 $KIAN

  • This pool is initially capped at 1 million $KIAN

Ahead of the launch, Shane Benjamin, Founder & CEO of Porta Network, had this to say about the $KIAN staking

“After rewarding Porta community and our testnet validators,  the project wanted to reward long-time and new $KIAN holders for their support of the network.”

How to Stake $KIAN

To stake $KIAN simply visit stake.porta.network and follow the steps outlined below:

Porta Network Staking
Step 1 – Buy $KIAN
Porta Network Staking
Step 2 – Visit Porta Staking
Porta Network Staking
Step 3 – Connect your wallet
Porta Network Staking
Step 4 – Stake $KIAN
Porta Network Staking
Step 5 – Press “stake KIAN” button
Porta Network Staking
Step 6 – Claim your reward

Any questions about $KIAN staking, simply head to Porta’s Discord in the #staking channel or join the Telegram to contact the team.

About Porta Network

Porta is a Substrate-based, Nominated Proof-Of-Stake blockchain network. It consists of a relay network along with custom blockchains networks connected to it. Each blockchain is sector-specific, built for fast-growing sectors such as NFTs, Gaming, DeFi and more.

Porta’s unique infrastructure design enables its ecosystem to maintain high performance while it adapts and scales to bring blockchain to the masses.

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