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Mintlayer presale on launchpool funds an ecosystem of projects on the new Bitcoin sidechain




San Marino, November 2021 22, – Mintlayer, the Bitcoin sidechain opens presale on Launchpool to fund an ecosystem of projects on the sidechain.

What is Mintlayer

Mintlayer allows token creation where Bitcoin can be exchanged for any asset, like stock tokens or stablecoins on Mintlayer (DEX), without the need for a specific gas token to perform transactions. 

The sidechain raised 5.2 million in the seed financing round closed in March 2021, to develop the project. 

Mintlayer presale

Starting from the 22nd of November $MLT tokens will be available in presale on Launchpool for an Allocation Mining Event (AME). 

This represents the first step of a potential long-term partnership between the two communities, which aims at incubating and promoting the most valuable projects building on the Mintlayer blockchain.

Mintlayer is currently raising an additional 12.6 million in private sale to finance the “Mintlayer Ecosystem Fund”, to help projects building on Mintlayer.  

Andreas Kohl, Director of Institutional Relations of Mintlayer said: 

“I have known the Launchpool team for many years, and never cease to be amazed by their consistent success in the field, driven by their expertise and hard work. I am extremely excited to be able to call them part of the Mintlayer family. Together, we will bring about a truly vibrant ecosystem of real, valuable use cases for DeFi on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, through the Mintlayer sidechain.”

Richard Simpson, Co-Founder and CEO of Launchpool said: 

“We have been following Mintlayer for some time and have been extremely impressed with the success of the project so far. We are very excited to be offering $600k of $MLT allocation to Launchpool users and we invite you to join the earliest available round, starting Monday 22nd, on launchpool.xyz. We are also looking forward to continuing to develop the partnership we have to build out the Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem on Mintlayer.”

Applicants for the ecosystem initiatives can register on Mintlayer website, where VCs can also apply to participate in the fund.

About Mintlayer

Mintlayer is a blockchain built on top of Bitcoin’s network. The development is coordinated by RBB SRL, a company based in San Marino. The development effort has been funded by several VCs, among which are Alphabit Digital Fund, Moonwhale Ventures, Moonrock Capital and many others (see the complete list here).

Mintlayer improves direct token interoperability enabling new ways to trade value, creating a system where new business models can flourish and participate in truly trustless finance.

The protocol leverages technologically advanced scalability to enforce network security, increase node inclusivity, and ensure long-term sustainability.

About Launchpool

Launchpool is a pre-IDO, chain-agnostic investment platform with the belief that crypto investing should be egalitarian and that all project stakeholder groups are as important as each other. Launchpool supports projects throughout their launch process, connecting varied stakeholders; including funds, community, marketers and industry experts, incentivising all.

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