“Back to the Future” with Polydoge
“Back to the Future” with Polydoge

“Back to the Future” with Polydoge

By Crypto Advertising - 23 Nov 2021

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POLYDOGE is a token born on the Polygon (MATIC) network, the first meme coin on that chain. 

A few days ago, it became cross-chain and can also be found on Crypto.com’s Cronos network. Rumours have revealed that the release on the renowned Binance Smart Chain is also imminent. Unfortunately, there are currently a few tokens with the same name on the BSC network, but they do not represent the original project on Polygon


The DogeQuake game

The Polydoge project has launched its first FPS game. It is called DogeQuake. The famous game Quake Arena, which originated in the late 1990s, has been adapted by linking it to Polygon’s blockchain technology to create an exciting play2earn game.

In fact, DogeQuake allows users to earn POLYDOGE tokens while having fun. The game is under continuous development, with new levels, new game modes and community tournaments coming soon.

It is a completely off-chain video game that allows players’ kills to be tracked and rewarded with PolyDoge. It is effectively a play2earn in which each player is paid in tokens for each kill they make.


The integrations of Polydoge

This is also one of several proof-of-concepts for off-chain and real-world integrations of the PolyDoge project.

Although the project started as a meme-coin, thanks to the support of the large community it has evolved to focus on gaming, NFTs, metaverse and blockchain-based applications for token burn, with the goal of becoming a true DAO over time. The team’s primary goal is to be able to offer holders, and therefore members of the decentralized organisation, passive income through brand positioning.

Recently the POLYDOGE token was listed on the second-largest crypto exchange by trading volume, OKEX, and this has brought considerable visibility and increased trading volumes. The token also remains tradable on other CEXs like Gate.io and MECX and several DEXs, including QuickSwap and SushiSwap. 

The reverse roadmap

A curious thing about the project is the presence of a “reverse roadmap” that describes what has already been done from time to time.

In addition to the video game, one of the things that has already been done is the Polydogestore.com merchandising website, where you can already buy Polydoge branded clothing, accessories and other items. 

Another thing that has already been done is the so-called PolyDoge Cards, which are 10,000 unique and random NFTs that can be collected and traded. The team has already announced that there will be utilities attached to the cards including staking.

On top of that, there is also the PolyDoge Roll Game, which is a casino game that allows you to play simply by pulling a lever, without chips or other complications. Just put some PolyDoge in the slot and pull the lever for a chance to win prizes. 

The token burn takes place precisely because of the casino games.

Despite the fact that this is a very recent project, in late 2021, it has already accomplished a lot, which is why its “reverse roadmap” makes sense. 


Future projects

There are many more developments planned for the future, which will be announced on the official Medium blog.

First of all, the DAO will be activated for the governance of the project, funded by the ambassador programme. A pilot project of this programme has already been launched in China and Italy with a good turnout and good results so far. This programme will be open to everyone in the future. 

Holders have always been given the possibility of staking polydoge on different DeFi sites, either for single tokens or LP tokens or creating a pair with Matic or Quick. 

It has also already been announced that the next farm for staking will be available at www.icecolony.com/factories. This is a very interesting project that will combine the world of decentralized finance with the p2e game.

Furthermore, there is a Metaverse, a virtual space that the team is developing in order to establish the PolyDoge brand in the Polygon universe! Polycon2021 was the first “Polygon fair”, where many users and developers could meet in the 2 auditoriums for the various conferences or simply around an artificial lake for a fishing competition.

The ticket to participate was an animated NFT that could be registered at the reception at the entrance to the virtual event so that users could receive airdrops.

A large number of projects participated with their own stand and thousands of users registered and visited the various events in the 2 halls that had been set up. Gaming, DeFi, NFTs and many other topics were discussed in the auditoriums of the PolyDoge metaverse.

In addition, PolyDoge is planning a huge “Comic Con” type event together with Polygon, with a focus on NFTs and gaming. Ticket sales will be used to repurchase and burn PolyDoge tokens. 

The strength of this token lies in the team’s ability to continually create new partnerships including the Iron Alliance, headed by Ferrum Network.

These and many more are the surprises that will continue to be in store for us in this fun doge coin. They say that sometimes appearances can be deceptive… Was the Shiba Inu in the logo a premeditated marketing move?!

In the meantime, to stay up to date, just follow the Telegram chat and see the evolution of this currency and its related projects.

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