Get ready for the ILO launch and NFT release on Planet Wars
Get ready for the ILO launch and NFT release on Planet Wars

Get ready for the ILO launch and NFT release on Planet Wars

By Crypto Advertising - 28 Nov 2021

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Have you ever wanted to be part of something big? Or to have the opportunity to invest in a platform that is ready to influence the crypto market, is based on NFTs and will be launched with an ILO? Planet Wars is exactly that.

It will launch an ILO for its tokens and the platform will also feature NFT services. The launch date is imminent: the debut of the Gold ILO will take place on 1 December 2021 while the NFT planets will be presented on 13 December.

The platform will be a great place for novices who want to start their journey into the crypto world.

Let’s find out what Planet Wars offers specifically.

ILO Gold and the launch of NFT planets on Planet Wars

Planet Wars has created a fantastic universe for users, who can find a unique environment, modelled to adopt the peculiarities of NFTs. Players will compete with each other by raising defences for their planets and deploying spaceships to earn tokens.

As indicated in the roadmap, the first two events will be the following:

  • The launch of the Gold ILO will provide tokens with price stability and make them tradable The launch will include a Gold/BUSD ILO with a maximum of 5 million Gold tokens sold. If all ILO tokens are sold, the price of Gold will be $0.2 per unit, with a maximum revenue of $1 million.
  • The NFT planet launch will be different from the first launch and will consist of the creation of planets in the Planet Wars universe, which will feature a total of 1123 planets, and these will have an increasing price. This mechanism has a reason. To give a clearer idea, the first planet will be sold for 0.5 BNB while the price of subsequent planets will increase by 0.005 each.

A planet can only be bought once and the last planet will have a price of 6.11 BNB. The characteristics of the planets will not be revealed before or after the purchase. They will only be revealed once the entire amount of planets have been sold or 30 days after the launch date.

Planet Wars NFT
Planet Wars is a play-to-earn game

Planet Wars

The platform is a play-to-earn space battle game based on the Binance Smart Chain. The game incorporates the concepts of DeFi, gamification and NFT. The universe was created to allow players to compete with each other using planets, defences and spaceships in order to earn tokens.

The game was developed thanks to the collaboration of two companies that have been partners for many years.

  • Scaling Parrots: owner of the game
  • Real Loud Marketing: owner of marketing

Planet Wars is synonymous with GameFi, which combines decentralized finance with non-fungible tokens (NFT). Games of this type are not developed to be play-to-win but to be play-to-earn. Playing, looting resources and ranking on the weekly leaderboards will give users the opportunity to earn tokens.

Planets within the Planet Wars universe will have unique characteristics that will affect game bonuses. The entire code that leads back to the planet image is completely saved on-chain, with the help of smart contracts that manage the game. This is possible through the SVG image format: a vector format that allows infinitely scalable images to be generated through XML tags.

Key features

What you need to know about this platform is that it offers numerous services and products from which users can benefit. The universe is home to 1123 NFT planets, each with unique characteristics that can influence in-game bonuses. The coordinates, name, size, temperature, habitability, colour and satellite slots play an important role within the galaxy.

In addition, each planet will have a unique design, which will be the product of the metadata of each planet. The designs are multiple and affect the planets’ surface, which will in turn affect their habitability, satellites, asteroids and background.

The economy of the Planet Wars universe is decentralized and will be based on three types of resources: ERC-20 tokens with their own functionality and tokenomics.

The resources are the following:

  • Gold: this is the trading currency of the entire Planet Wars ecosystem and the main payment method for the mint of battles and NFT structures. It has a total cap of 100 million, of which 25 pre-minted dedicated to the ILO as compensation and a portion going to the corporate treasury.
  • Hydrogen: this is the fuel for NFT spaceships. Think of this resource as ETH for the Ethereum blockchain. The more it is consumed during the game, the rarer it will become and consequently, its price will increase. Each time a Hydro token is stolen during a battle, a portion will be burned, as is the case with other resources in the game. At launch, a pancake liquidity pool will be created, in which 50 million Hydro tokens will be pooled with 1 million Gold tokens, at an initial price of 50:1.
  • Iron: This resource is useful for building ships and defences. The difference is that it will not be a limited resource. Unlike Hydrogen, the amount of Iron mined will decrease over time. When construction of a ship begins and a certain amount of Iron tokens are spent, the burning process begins. When a defensive structure or ship is destroyed in battle, the owner will receive 70% of the Iron used in construction, while 30% will be lost and burned. A pancake liquidity pool will be created in which 20 million Iron will be pooled with 1 million Gold, at an initial price of 20:1.

Final words

This universe is created for both investors and players, newbies and non, or those simply looking for an innovative and visionary platform. Get ready to set sail on this fantastic journey and get your own planet filled with mysteries and creativity.

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*This article has been paid for. The Cryptonomist did not write the article or test the platform.


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