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GSI: the Green Token that cleans the environment from plastic (and not only)


A new “Green” movement is about to spread like wildfire across the planet, threatening environmental pollution. It’s called “Global Innovative Solution” (GSI). GSI project and its token are a model for the future that goes beyond traditional green currents. 

GSI was born with a promise:

 “Reduce pollution around the world by leveraging the use of blockchain.”

In this article, we will describe the highlights of the GSI project to understand what makes it so revolutionary.

The Mission

GSI is one of the most interesting green projects in crypto.

It wants to enter the market and establish itself, focusing everything on innovative and environmentally supportive projects to help fight pollution, financing and developing activities that respect nature and are ecologically sustainable.

A new direct and innovative way to involve people in sustaining the environment with the use of the GSI token.

This is essentially its mission statement. 

But why is GSI so determined to intervene in this area?

We explain with some statistical data on global pollution.

Plastic pollution: a problem we can no longer ignore

Researchers say that more than 8 billion tons of plastic have been produced since the early 1950s. Only 9% of these have been recycled, about 12% have been incinerated, and the remaining 79% have accumulated in the natural environment.

Each year, more than ten million tons of plastics enter the seas and oceans and most of these, break down into microplastic particles (smaller than 1 millimeter) that go on to accumulate in coastal sediments and the deep.

These are continually ingested by marine organisms. 

This also poses a serious health risk to humans as we move up the food chain.

Through food we ingest up to 5 grams of plastic per week, the equivalent of a credit card.

GSI also puts under scrutiny the entire production chain; this includes transport, which for the most part takes place by road, dramatically increasing consumption and CO2 emissions whose harmful effects are already known.

So how is GSI committed to reducing pollution? 

Let’s find out together:

GSI Token – How it works

Innovation and eco-sustainability are the keywords.

Reducing pollution through blockchain is possible thanks to the collaboration with partner companies, engaged in ecological and eco-sustainable activities (such as the installation of water purifiers).

By installing just one water purifier, we help save:

  • 75 kg of plastic
  • 270 kg of CO2 
  • 55 liters of diesel oil
  • 71 kg of oil

Let’s see the process in detail with an example.

From Token to Pollution Reduction

  • A customer orders a sewage treatment plant at a cost of $10,000, from one of GSI’s partners;
  • Global Innovative Solutions receives the $10,000 payment and simultaneously executes a $5,000 transaction at the marketplace, on GSI Token.

Global Innovative Solutions sends the partner company $5,000 via wire transfer and the other $5,000 in tokens, thus generating a strong impact on the market.

In summary, every time a request for partner company services is taken over, there will be an inevitable increase in the price of the Token.

This step marks a clear boundary with any other project.

At this point the team proceeds with the mining step, based on the actual reduction

pollution reduction. 

Green Mining

In order for the transaction to be realized, it is recorded on the blockchain through a text-only contract that reports the actual environmental benefit. 

The actual attestation of pollution reduction is certified by the payment and an additional string is then added to the transaction. 

Only when this particular condition occurs can the owners issue the tokens.

Every token issued on the market, therefore, corresponds to and is really supported by tangible physical results. Money cannot be generated if it does not correspond to a real and concrete reduction of pollution.

But that’s not all: for every ton of CO2 saved in the air, thanks to the plants of partner companies, 221,000 tokens are mined (estimated amount saved in a month) and 22% of these are distributed to holders in proportion to the amount of tokens held in the wallet.

So the blockchain technology comes to us in great help because through it is possible to document the actual beneficial impact that the community hastowards the planet.


Going into the specifics, GSI’s tokenomics is quite articulated. 

This is a strong point because it makes the currency stable, durable and reliable ensuring a progressive growth of value over time.

Let’s look at the two highlights below.

Buy-Back Program

Consists of a commitment by Global Innovative Solution to reinvest 21% of profits generated each month, in the purchase of GSI Tokens at market. 

In this way, the company consistently provides liquidity and prevents the price from losing significance for reasons unrelated to the token’s fundamentals.

Release at 1% per month

Throughout the succession of the presale path, the team has provided a replenishment plan that results in the release of 1% of the number of tokens, for each month.

Therefore, the tokens will remain locked even after launch and you will be able to redeem them in your

wallet at the rate of 1% per month, thus avoiding depreciation while providing a long-term passive income.


Each month, GSI will donate 2% of profits to charity for water purification and pollution reduction, following the “2030 Agenda goals”.


Pollution is a serious problem. 

It affects the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat.

GSI is moving toward a sustainable future because it wants to make a difference.

Being a GSI Token holder is not just about “having a certain value in your wallet” but also, and more importantly, a means to safeguard our planet Earth.

Website: https://gsi.finance/

Telegram: https://t.me/gsitoken

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GSItoken

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