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Dogedi, the token inspired by Star Wars


Dogedi is the first token inspired by the Star Wars universe. The idea is undoubtedly a winning one to stand out among the many memecoins that are born every day. 

In fact, the idea of taking the iconic Doge and making him a Jedi master certainly won’t go unnoticed. The graphic impact of the entire project is studied in detail and captivating, impossible to go unnoticed.

Dogedi security, tokenomics and team

Let’s talk immediately about security, which we know to be a focal point in choosing a token to invest in. The team is definitely working on this. Despite being a newly born project, it already has a KYC audit verified  by Solidproof, the contract is deployed and verified on BSC and also audited by Rate Tech and by Tech Rate.

Tokenomics is simple and powerful: BNB REWARDS with autoclaim features (this means you have to hold DOGEDI to get BNB every hour), AUTOBOOST (which they called, of course, DEATHSTAR PROTOCOL) and a strategic buyback function, which includes a repurchase fee of 6%. In addition to this, the project includes periodic BURNs that will help increase the value of the token.

The Team currently consists of 12 people, all professionals in their areas of expertise (development, graphics, illustrators, SEO, videomakers, etc.), and all of them are responsible for successful launches, such as that of DOGECOLA. At the moment for obvious security reasons their data have not been disclosed (but it is not excluded that they will do so in the future) but they are regularly deposited with solidproof for certification, and this protects them from any scam attempts.


Dogedi, the future of the token

But what does the Dogedi team have in store for the future?

To begin, the technical department is working on a series of implementations related to the world of NFTs. This will ensure that their NFT marketplace will soon have full integration into the DOGEDI CARD GAME.

We don’t know much yet, but the team promises a trailer that will cover the card game right after the private sale, which should give us some more information. The only things we know is that it will be integrated into the new FACEBOOK METAVERSE (marketplace for cards but also battles between players in virtual arenas with VR) and that it will be an NFT collectible card game, with which you can challenge each other and which will have different levels of power and skill depending on when the card is purchased. Of course it will be possible to buy the cards only with DOGEDI.

In addition to the interesting card game project, Dogedi will also deal with charity. As animal lovers, they plan a series of initiatives in which the community will actively participate (with surveys and other activities) to support associations that deal with saving and relocating abandoned animals, which as we know during the Covid 19 epidemic are increased exponentially.

Where to find Dogedi

If this article has caught your attention and you now feel the overwhelming need to own dogeditoken, here’s how:

Dogedi has been launched on Pancakeswap on December 7, and is already listed on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. 



TELEGRAM: https://t.me/dogeditokenofficial 

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/DogediToken

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