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The Great Journey of Open Proprietary Protocol[OPP]


With the advent of the digital revolution, demand for digital content platforms is increasing rapidly. Open Proprietary Protocol [OPP]  is among them.  

Problems of the digital platforms

Digital information communication has offset the constraints of space in us, which has allowed the world to unite as a community.

In the digital age, new creative revolutions are taking place from various artists and creators, and this speed continues to accelerate. Digital platforms such as social networks and YouTube have already seen their market capitalization rise exponentially, and the number of users has exceeded the number of non-users.

Even today, new digital content platforms are being created one after another. However, as much as the growth of the digital content industry, the disadvantages of the digital industry are emerging. 

Among them, the most representative problem is copyright and creative ownership. These problems are sharply opposed problems in the digital industry, and fundamental solutions are still not emerging.

Our Open Proprietary Protocol [OPP] project aims to effectively solve these problems and further establish itself as a next-generation digital content platform.

OPP aims to be a new generation digital content platform.

Open Proprietary Protocol, a fair digital content platform

OPP seeks to provide fair service to both digital content creators and users.

First, digital content creators are given ownership and copyrights that cannot be forged or altered through a blockchain network, and incentives are provided within the platform. Content evaluation compensation and scrap compensation are provided to content users.

Contents registered on the OPP platform are registered after going through a usage inquiry process through SERP results and checking whether they are duplicated through the OPP system.

By providing organic utilities and reliability to digital content creators and users, OPP can leap into the fairest and most innovative content platform.

The ultimate utilization of NFT

Recently, as NFT has become very interested, most digital content companies and companies are planning and releasing NFT business models.

The fact that real creations can be mediated into digital creations through NFT is an innovative factor. But so far, most NFT platforms are making NFTs for NFTs.

The ultimate purpose of NFT is not the digitization of existing creations, but the verification of ownership and authenticity of digital content. Therefore, OPP focused on protecting the rights and interests of digital content creators as a digital content platform rather than using NFT as an NFT.’

In the future, NFT Marketplace will continue to develop, but we should not forget the duty of NFT. If the NFT is a tree, the OPP is looking at the forest through the NFT.

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