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Telegram, TON has become Toncoin

Last year, Telegram creator Pavel Durov announced the end of the TON project. 

Unfortunately, due to problems with the SEC, Telegram was forced to abandon its plan to develop its own blockchain complete with Gram cryptocurrency. 

But the work that had been done in the meantime was not lost. 

What happened to TON after Telegram’s abandonment

In fact, right from the start, some independent communities decided to take over what was left of the project and develop it further. 

In fact, the project was open-source, so what was published has always been in the public domain. 

Now Pavel Durov himself, on his Telegram channel, has announced that the TON project has changed its name and is continuing independent from Telegram. 

Durov, already in the aftermath of the abandonment of the TON project, expressed the hope that future generations of developers would one day carry on the project and the vision of a blockchain platform for the mass market.

So he says he is proud that the technology they created is still alive and evolving because he claims that in terms of scalability and speed, TON is still years ahead of everything else in the blockchain industry. 

He states: 

“It would have been a shame to see this project not benefitting humanity.” 

He also says he is “inspired” to see the champions of Telegram’s programming contests continue to develop the project after renaming it Toncoin.


Toncoin is the descendant project from TON

Toncoin independent of Telegram

Durov explains that Toncoin is completely independent of Telegram, and he believes that the new developer community has everything needed to build something epic. 

He also revealed the URL of Toncoin’s official Telegram channel: https://t.me/toncoin.

Note, however, that there are also other projects out there using the name TON, Toncoin, or Ton Coin, so care should be taken. 

Toncoin, +46% 

The real Toncoin heir project to Telegram’s TON project is the one that has https://ton.sh as its explorer and https://ton.org as its website. The token is already listed on some exchanges, and today has made a resounding and sudden +46%, probably thanks to the message of Durov. 

Its value, however, is still 40% at the all-time high of November 12. 

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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