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NFT Magazine: la public sale con Refik Anadol

The third edition of NFT Magazine with cover art by artist Refik Anadol is now available on OpenSea.

The edition is on sale in 900 copies at the fixed price of 0.05 ETH. So far 500 copies have already been sold.

Full details on The NFT Magazine

The NFT Magazine, created by The Cryptonomist and the Italian company Artrights, has already sold thousands of copies during its first and second issues.

The first issue of The NFT Magazine had a major artist on the cover: Hackatao, which sold out on November 2nd in less than 24 hours, selling 500 copies for around $90k. 

The second issue featured Coldie, which sold on December 2nd, selling around 600 copies for around $100k.

At this moment, the first two issues of The NFT Magazine are on the secondary market at more than four times their initial value.

Refik Anadol in the third issue of The NFT Magazine

This third issue will feature a cover by Refik Anadol, a renowned designer who creates immersive dream artworks using algorithms. During his long career, he has also collaborated with major brands such as Bulgari and Nike. 

His NFTs have sold for millions of dollars on Nifty Gateway and also at Sotheby’s auctions. 

His latest drop sold for a record 300 ETH a few weeks ago.

Benefits and rewards for owners

People who buy The NFT Magazine will have the right to vote on the next steps of the projects, empowering readers and allowing them to choose their preference on what to read. 

Indeed, Coldie’s second cover was voted for by the reader community.

Contents of The NFT Magazine

This third issue will focus on NFTs and famous crypto art collectors such as Poseidon NFT Fund, Tokenangels, and Snoop Dogg, to mention just a few.

While the first issue of the magazine had a limited edition of only 500 copies, this third edition will be 900 copies. Unsold copies will be burnt to ensure the rarity of these NFTs.

This project also sees the partnership of major blockchain companies such as Algorand, The Nemesis, Zilliqa, and Bitcoin Cash.

How to buy The NFT Magazine

As is common in the NFT world, the NFT Magazine will be for sale on OpenSea

To purchase these NFTs, you will require MetaMask or another Wallet Connect compatible wallet (e.g. Eidoo) and some Ethereum to spend on gas fees.

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