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Arbismart project aims to take over NFTs, Bitcoin trading and DeFi in 2022


These days, it’s not enough to have a coin with great utility.  To stay one step ahead, a project needs to be able to keep up with the latest technological developments and diversify, creating a versatile ecosystem that addresses its community’s growing crypto needs. Leading the way is ArbiSmart

The project is rapidly evolving from an automated investment platform into a crypto hub, which in 2022 will be introducing a vast selection of utilities, from a wallet, an exchange, an NFT marketplace and an investment platform to a range of crypto-supported banking services and more. 

ArbiSmart project: The Story So Far

Founded in 2019, ArbiSmart has been slowly but steadily gaining ground. The native token, RBIS, has been on a consistent upward trajectory and analysts are projecting a rise to 70 times the current price by 2023. 

The ArbiSmart platform generates returns from automated crypto arbitrage, meaning that it makes money from disparities in the price of a cryptocurrency across exchanges. Since price differences occur with equal regularity in either a bull or bear market, ArbiSmart offers a great hedge against a sudden drop in prices, as platform users continue to earn a consistent passive profit, even if the market suddenly crashes.

Arbismart project
Arbismart performs crypto arbitrage

The profits from crypto arbitrage start at 10.8% a year, and reach up to 45% year, (0.9% to 3.75% a month), depending on the size of your deposit. If you choose to hold your RBIS profits in one of ArbiSmart’s long-term savings account that is locked for a contracted period, then they can make as much as 1% a day in interest. 

Another substantial revenue source is the capital gains on the rising value of RBIS. The token is already up by more than 907% and it keeps climbing. Once the token is listed and new utilities are introduced the token is likely to only get stronger as demand grows. 

What’s happening right now

Currently, RBIS is in the process of being listed on global exchanges and will be available for trading from January 2022. The listing, set to continue throughout the year ahead, with every new exchange broadening the reach of the token. As it becomes accessible to new audiences, RBIS will continue to  gain credibility and legitimacy, proving its viability.

Arbismart project
RBIS is going to be listed

For a start, every time RBIS is listed on another exchange it will become available to a whole new community, gaining recognition, and increasing its trading volume and liquidity levels. 

In addition, as soon as it is on exchanges it will be accessible to a wider international audience that includes those who have been prevented from buying RBIS through the platform due to ArbiSmart’s EU licensed status.  

While initially, there might be a heavy transaction activity once RBIS is available for trading, the price should stabilize rapidly, with the full suite of new utilities in the pipeline for the new year and with the fact that so many RBIS owners are HODLing, holding funds in long-term savings accounts, until at least the end of 2023, which will help RBIS maintain its value. 

Where RBIS is headed in 2022

2022 is set to be a huge year for ArbiSmart, since not only will the company be kicking off the listing process, but multiple new RBIS utilities are being introduced that are likely to push demand for token. In fact these developments are anticipated to drive up the token price by as much as 7,000%.  The supply of RBIS is limited, permanently capped at 450M, so as demand surges, the price is almost certain to rise.

Exclusive voting rights have recently been introduced and the more RBIS tokens you own, the greater your power over the future direction of the project, as it grows into a packed crypto ecosystem. 

Arbismart project
New utilities are coming for Arbismart and RBIS

The start of the new year will see the launch of ArbiSmart’s next utility, a yield farming program, via the external application UniSwap, and DeFi aggregators, where you will earn industry-high yields for loaning out your capital. Because the account remains unlocked, your RBIS is always accessible for trading, and you are rewarded with 0.3 % of the trading fees on every trade. 

In Q1, ArbiSmart will also be introducing a mobile application compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Another RBIS utility being launched early the year is an interest generating wallet, supporting both FIAT and crypto. Rounding out the development roadmap for the busy first half of 2022 is ArbiSmart’s NFT marketplace. The non-fungible tokens (NFTs), provide a means of verifying the authenticity and ownership of all types of digital artworks and collectibles like photos, audio, video, in-game items and more. The artworks in ArbiSmart’s exclusive 10,000-piece collection, are each certified by an NFT that can only be bought using RBIS tokens.

The second half of the year will also see the introduction of ArbiSmart’s own crypto exchange as well as a range of crypto banking services like iBans, payment services and debit cards. In late 2022 ArbiSmart is also looking towards becoming an investment launchpad that allocates capital to promising new digital assets

The expansion of the ArbiSmart ecosystem will add to the token value, since use of one RBIS utility will provide access to others, driving demand and increasing liquidity. Moreover, use of multiple RBIS utilities will be incentivized. For example, ArbiSmart NFT holders will be rewarded with a higher APY when using the yield farming service. 

Brick by brick RBIS is building a virtual home for crypto holders that can provide a wide array of digital, decentralized financial services. To get in on the ground floor, before ArbiSmart makes the transition from a crypto arbitrage platform to a major hub for digital asset management, buy RBIS now

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