RBIS token is outclimbing Ethereum Solana and Avalanche
RBIS token is outclimbing Ethereum Solana and Avalanche

RBIS token is outclimbing Ethereum Solana and Avalanche

By Crypto Advertising - 10 Jan 2022

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2021 has been a great year for altcoins, with newcomers like Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, Avalanche and Shiba Inu making huge gains in a short space of time. As we enter 2022, one digital asset is on track to outperform all the other breakout coins. RBIS, the native token of ArbiSmart, has already risen by over 950% and analysts are anticipating 7,000% in additional gains by 2023.

A number of factors are projected to drive future growth, such as the upcoming January 2022 token listing and the extensive suite of new RBIS utilities being introduced in the year ahead. While, to date, ArbiSmart has primarily been a crypto arbitrage investment platform, it is currently in the process of a major transition. 2022 will see the project evolve into a diverse hub designed to meet a wide variety of crypto needs. 

Consistent profits even if prices plummet

ArbiSmart’s accelerated community growth throughout 2021 can be attributed to the fact that the project’s automated crypto arbitrage platform provides an excellent hedge against a crypto bear market, while generating steady passive profits. 

token RBIS
Arbismart is an hedge against crypto crash


Crypto arbitrage works by exploiting temporary price differences across exchanges. These occur for all kinds of reasons, such as a disparity in trading volume between a bigger exchange and a smaller one. The ArbiSmart algorithm is connected to close to 40 exchanges, which it scans around the clock. When it identifies a price difference, it automatically buys the coin on the exchange where the price is lowest and then sells it on the exchange where the price is highest to make the highest available profit. 

Since price differences emerge with the same frequency whether the crypto market is sinking or soaring, you will keep receiving a steady return even in a crash, and your crypto won’t drop in value. Yields start at 10.8% a year and go as high as 45% a year, depending on the size of your investment and because returns are so consistent you can use the profit calculator to see ahead of time exactly how much you will earn over any given time frame for any deposit amount.

token RBIS
Arbismart’s users earn in different ways

By placing those profits in a long-term savings account that is locked for a pre-determined period, you can make additional earnings of up to 1% a day, depending on the currency type, deposit sum and timeframe for the lock on the funds. 

Obviously, RBIS holders will also be earning capital gains. In fact, anyone who joined ArbiSmart in 2019, when the project was launched will have already seen their tokens go up by more than nine times their original value. 

A pipeline packed with new utilities for RBIS token

One of the main reasons for all the current buzz around the token is that the development team has had its foot firmly on the gas and RBIS is about to gain a whole range of new utilities in rapid succession throughout 2022. 

In the coming weeks, RBIS is introducing its decentralized yield farming program, via the UniSwap DeFi app, and various DeFi aggregators. The service will enable you to earn an exceptionally high APY in reward for the loan of your funds. On every single transaction you will receive 0.3% of the trading fees and since the accounts will not be locked, you can always access your RBIS. 

In the first quarter of 2022, ArbiSmart will also be launching a mobile app supporting both iOS and Android devices. Following close behind will be the introduction of an interest-generating wallet for both FIAT and cryptocurrency.

 Another RBIS utility in the pipeline for the first half of 2022 is an NFT marketplace. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be used to certify the ownership and authenticity of ArbiSmart’s 10,000-strong collection of digital artworks, including video and audio, photos, in-game items, drawings, and GIFs. It will only be possible to purchase the NFTs using RBIS.

token RBIS
New utilities are coming for Arbismart and RBIS

The latter half of 2022 is also jam-packed with new RBIS utilities. These will include a series of crypto banking services including iBans, crypto debit cards, and payment services for executing global transactions from ArbiSmart accounts to international banks. 

ArbiSmart will also be adding a launchpad, allocating funding to new promising coins. In addition, the company will be introducing its own cryptocurrency exchange in 2022, with highly competitive trading fees and exclusive terms for RBIS holders.

Each new utility, with which the company expands its crypto hub adds to the token value, and boosts liquidity. Use of one RBIS utility will provide access to better terms when using others within the ArbiSmart crypto ecosystem, and this interconnectivity will drive demand higher. 

Welcoming the new year with global listings 

In the next couple of weeks RBIS is going to be listed, an ongoing process that will continue throughout 2022.  

Since ArbiSmart is EU licensed there are regulatory restrictions on who can buy RBIS through the platform, so the listing will open the door to a broader international audience.  

token RBIS
RBIS is going to be listed

Every time a new exchange adds RBIS, it will further establish the token’s legitimacy and long-term viability. Each listing will boost token recognition, as well as increasing RBIS liquidity and trading volume, as it becomes accessible to new communities of crypto holders. 

There is a strong chance that as soon as RBIS is available for withdrawal on 17th January 2022, RBIS will initially see a high volume of transactions. However, there are various reasons to believe that the token price will quickly stabilize and maintain its value. Firstly, there is a high number of HODLers, storing their funds in high-interest long-term ArbiSmart savings accounts, locked until the end of 2023 or even later. Secondly, the wide range of new RBIS utilities being introduced in the new year should drive token demand significantly.

As demand rises, supply will shrink, since the amount of RBIS that can ever be created is finite- forever capped at 450 million tokens and this should push up the price. In fact, analysts have projected that new developments in 2022 will result in a 7,000% rise in value.

Holding more tokens not only means higher yields but also more power over the future of the project. ArbiSmart has recently introduced voting rights and the more tokens you have, the larger your influence over the direction that the crypto ecosystem takes as it evolves. 

ArbiSmart is on track to become one of the biggest breakouts of 2022. It is making huge moves in the weeks and months ahead to establish itself as an end-to-end decentralized hub that provides an extensive array of crypto services to address the varied needs of the global crypto community. To get on board before the project goes to the moon, buy RBIS now.

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