RBIS is granting benefits of Yield Farming, NFT’s and is rising faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum.
RBIS is granting benefits of Yield Farming, NFT’s and is rising faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

RBIS is granting benefits of Yield Farming, NFT’s and is rising faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

By Crypto Advertising - 18 Jan 2022

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One coin has kicked off the new year right and is set to explode in 2022. RBIS, the native token of ArbiSmart, has taken its first steps towards evolving from a crypto arbitrage platform to a diverse digital currency hub and in the coming year it is definitely the coin to watch.

RBIS, buying low, selling high

The ArbiSmart platform performs automated crypto arbitrage, meaning that it makes money from brief periods, in which is available at different prices simultaneously. The platform user signs up, deposits FIAT or crypto, then the algorithm takes over. It converts the funds into RBIS and uses them to generate returns from crypto arbitrage that begin at 10.8% a year and go up to 45% a year (0.9% to 3.75% a month).

RBIS Arbismart
Returns from Arbismart begin at 10.8% a year and go up to 45% a year

ArbiSmart is integrated with 35 exchanges where it scans hundreds of coins, 24 hours a day, looking for price differences. On finding a price discrepancy, it will automatically purchase the coin on the exchange where the price is lowest and then instantly sell it on the exchange where the price is highest to make a profit on the spread. 

Not only is automated crypto arbitrage low effort and low risk, but it also offers an excellent hedge. Whether crypto prices are tanking or soaring, price differences will continue to occur with the same regularity.  So, even in a bear market, your investment will continue to earn a steady, predictable profit and your crypto capital will retain its value. In fact, automated crypto arbitrage revenues are so predictable that you can calculate ahead of time exactly how much you will make with any deposit amount over any time frame. 

RBIS Arbismart
Arbismart is an EU regulated platform

In addition to yields of up to 45% a year from crypto arbitrage, you can also make up to 1% interest a day, by locking your funds in a long-term savings account for a contracted period.

That is also before taking capital gains into consideration. RBIS has already gone up in value by over 960% and the year ahead is likely to see an unprecedented rise as a result of the listing process and the new utilities in the process. 

Ongoing growth, one exchange at a time 

At the beginning of January, RBIS started being listed on exchanges. The process will be ongoing throughout 2022 and with every new exchange, the coin is going to gain traction, proving its viability and earning greater legitimacy. 

An EU licensed company, ArbiSmart must comply with regulations that restrict who can be accepted as a client and purchase RBIS through the platform.  So, through the listing process, RBIS will become accessible to a far broader audience. 

The greater token accessibility provided by the listing means that while RBIS can currently be purchased for approximately 12 USD on the platform, it can be sold on exchanges like LAToken and Coinsbit at around 95 USD. This has created the opportunity to perform a form of manual crypto arbitrage, buying low through ArbiSmart and then selling high on an exchange to more than double your money. 

Every listing will increase trading volume and liquidity levels as RBIS becomes available to the communities that have built up around each new exchange. Moreover, as new exchanges list the tokendemand will grow.  Since the token supply is finite, permanently capped at 450 million RBIS, it will continue to shrink as the token gains popularity, pushing up the price. 

Arbismart, a single platform, multiple new utilities

ArbiSmart has also hit the ground running in the new year, with the introduction of a wide selection of new RBIS utilities. In Q1, the project is launching its new decentralized yield farming service, offered externally, via UniSwap, which will deliver industry-high annual percentage yields. In return for allowing your funds to be used to provide liquidity, you will receive generous interest and 0.3% of fees on each transaction. 

RBIS Arbismart
New utilities are coming for Arbismart

The first half of the year will also see the release of an interest-generating wallet for both FIAT and cryptocurrencies, providing returns of up to 45% a year. In early 2022, the ArbiSmart development team will also be introducing a mobile app, supporting iOS and Android that offers comprehensive account management from anywhere, anytime. 

Additionally, ArbiSmart is introducing an NFT marketplace, with a collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens, that can only be purchased using RBIS. Then, later in the year, ArbiSmart will be launching an exchange, crypto banking services and a launchpad that allocates funding for promising new coins.

As the ArbiSmart ecosystem expands into new territory, with additional listings and with the release of a range of value-added products and services, demand is likely to climb at an accelerated rate driving up the price. To get a piece of the action before the price goes any higher, buy RBIS now directly from Arbismart or from a decentralized exchange Uniswap.

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