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RBIS is the hottest coin to Buy RIGHT NOW


While you may have missed your chance with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Shiba Inu, the great thing about crypto is that there are always new trends as well as new coins breaking ground and shattering records. You just have to keep an ear to the ground and get in on the action early enough to make a profit. You may already have heard of RBIS, the coin behind ArbiSmart, a crypto investment platform with big plans for 2022.

Want to know what all the buzz is about? Here’s why savvy investors are getting in on the ground floor with RBIS right now:

A background of RBIS coin

ArbiSmart was established in 2019, with the launch of its flagship product, automated crypto arbitrage. The platform, which is fully EU authorized, provides a great hedge against a crypto crash, because it takes advantage of temporary price disparities across exchanges, which occur with equal regularity in a bull or bear market. 

Arbismart is fully EU authorized

Passive profits range from 10.8% to 45% a year, depending on how much is invested. Since the algorithm can generate consistent yields, you can calculate in advance how much you will make over a chosen timeframe, from a given deposit amount, using the platform’s yield calculator.

ArbiSmart also offers a selection of savings plans for account holders.  If you store your funds in a long term, locked, savings account for a pre-set period, you can receive interest of up to 1% per day, depending on the account type, currency, and deposit size. 

Last month ArbiSmart took its first steps toward major growth with the commencement of the RBIS listing process. Already, the coin is available on a number of prominent, A-list exchanges, including Coinsbit, HitBTC, SushiSwap, LAToken and Uniswap

The more exchanges that add the token, the greater the global exposure to RBIS, as it becomes accessible to new communities, and gains liquidity. New exchanges mean enhanced credibility and name-recognition with a growing audience and increased trading volume, all of which is likely to lead even more big-names to list RBIS.  

An ambitious expansion plan

ArbiSmart is about to kick off an ambitious plan to evolve from an automated crypto arbitrage platform into a full-service crypto hub. 

Arbismart is evolving into a crypto hub

First on the agenda is the launch of ArbiSmart’s decentralized yield farming program, later this month. The program will be offered via the decentralized application Uniswap, with an interface that enables ArbiSmart users to simply, and conveniently, view statistics, track and perform activities, as well as withdraw funds at any time. Participants can contribute to  ETH/RBIS  and  USDT/RBIS  liquidity pools, staking capital to earn up to 190,000% APY and be rewarded with  0.3 % of the fees on every trade.

Next quarter the development team is keeping its foot on the gas with the launch of another RBIS utility, an NFT marketplace. RBIS holders will be able purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that authenticate and certify ownership of each of the pieces in a collection of 10,000 unique digital artworks.

The first half of the year will also see the introduction of an interest-bearing wallet, supporting FIAT and crypto. It will offer secure storage as well as generating annual interest of up to 45%. 

Later this year, with the release of the ArbiSmart mobile app, users will be able to access the wallet from any location at any time. Compatible with iOS and Android it will allow you to buy, exchange and store crypto at your convenience.

A little further on the horizon is an ArbiSmart cryptocurrency exchange. This will be followed up by a suite of crypto banking services, including payment services, IBANs and crypto debit cards. Then the development team plans to introduce an investment launch pad that will serve as a funding platform for promising coins on the rise. 

All these new RBIS utilities in the pipeline, are designed to drive token demand. However, the RBIS supply is finite with the amount that can ever be created permanently capped. As a result, as the available supply drops in line with growing demand, the token price is likely to rise, generating generous capital gains. 

Want to get on board while the price is still attractive? Act now and buy RBIS today!

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