RBIS is the coin most likely to get moonshot in 2022
RBIS is the coin most likely to get moonshot in 2022

RBIS is the coin most likely to get moonshot in 2022

By Crypto Advertising - 1 Mar 2022

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Currently one coin, RBIS, the native token of the ArbiSmart project, is starting to generate a buzz for checking all these boxes, with all indicators pointing to it becoming the biggest breakout star of 2022.

The strategy

The ultimate goal of every crypto investor is to discover a promising up-and-coming altcoin, buy it cheaply and then make a huge profit when the coin price shoots up. The difficulty of course, is in identifying which altcoins are about to take off. 

While there are never any certainties in the crypto arena, there are a variety of considerations that can help determine the potential of a coin. Savvy investors will look into the development schedule, risk mitigation factors, the growth of the community, and the number and value of the token utilities.   

The status of the project right now

ArbiSmart was established as an automated crypto arbitrage platform, and it has buit a solid reputation for low risk and consistent yields. It has also proven to be a reliable hedge against a crypto bear market, since it generates profits from temporary price differences across exchanges, which emerge with the same regularity whether the market is crashing or climbing.  

RBIS has been listed on different exchanges


The automated system generates a steady profit that can be calculated ahead of time. Profits start at 10.8% and reach up to 45% per year, based on the amount invested. To supplement these profits, you can hold your funds in a long-term, locked  savings account, until a chosen future date, for up to 1% interest a day.

In January of this year, RBIS became listed on its first exchange. The process has been gaining momentum and now the coin is already available on a number of leading exchanges, including Coinsbit, HitBTC, SushiSwap, LAToken and Uniswap.  

As more big-name exchanges add the RBIS token throughout 2022, there will be a significant rise in liquidity and trading volume.

With increased exposure to new crypto communities comes greater name recognition and enhanced long-term viability, which in turn will bring more top-tier exchanges on board. 

RBIS and Arbismart moving into high gear in 2022

At the end of this month, ArbiSmart is going to be introducing the first in a series of new RBIS utilities, designed to transform the project from a focus on automated crypto arbitrage into an end-to-end EU authorized, crypto ecosystem offering a comprehensive array of financial services. 

First up is ArbiSmart’s new decentralized yield farming program, offered via Uniswap, which  which will provide an unmatched APY for staking funds. ETH/RBIS  and  USDT/RBIS  liquidity pool contributions will generate as much as 190,000% APY, and participants will also be rewarded with 0.3% of the fees on every transaction.  

New utilities are coming for RBIS and Arbismart

Then, in Q2, ArbiSmart will be introducing another RBIS utility, an NFT marketplace. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which can only be bought using RBIS, will certify ownership of the works in a virtual gallery of 10,000 unique digital pieces of art.

This will quickly be followed up with the release of the ArbiSmart interest-generating wallet, for crypto and FIAT, which will provide secure storage, while offering up to 45% interest a year.  

All these new RBIS utilities in the pipeline for 2022 should increase token demand. It’s also worth noting that as demand rises, the RBIS supply, which is forever capped at 450M, will fall. So, once RBIS demand exceeds the available supply the price should shoot up, generating substantial capital gains for token holders.

Maintaining momentum going forward

The ArbiSmart development team is keeping up the pace in the second half of 2022, and well into next year, with additional scheduled utilities including a mobile application to enable the convenient purchase, exchange, and secure storage of cryptocurrencies,any time,  from any location. 

RBIS price is going to rise as new utilities are developed

The project will also be releasing a crypto exchange as well as a funding launchpad for up-and-coming coins that show potential. ArbiSmart will then introduce a suite of crypto banking services, including IBANs, debit cards and payment services. 

If you are looking for the next coin to get moonshot RBIS looks like a solid choice to get behind. The development team has its foot on the gas, and the project will be offering a diverse array of value-added utilities in 2022, as the community grows with the addition of new exchange listings. 

To seize the moment, and make the best possible return on investment, now’s the time to buy RBIS!


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