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Euronin: solution for European payment even in war


Euronin is a cryptocurrency payment platform invisible to the customer and seller. 

What is Euronin

We have created a system that allows us to deal with the 3rd side of this transaction. We deprive business owners of all major problems, namely all accounting, legal, tax and billing. Everything is on the side of Euronin. The business owner receives a lot of simplicity in the operation of his company because he can start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies, therefore expand his offer for clients. 

In a European country there is an item (or service) worth EUR 100 that you want to buy. You do it in the cheapest, fastest and safest possible way, i. e. by paying in cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you transfer the equivalent of EUR 100 in cryptocurrencies to the Euronin system (and more precisely in Tether being a virtual currency) and the seller receives exactly EUR 100. 

Euronin, payment during war

In the current situation in Europe where only crypto payments are safe, such a solution takes on a new meaning. Let’s imagine the situation of people from Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. Ordinary people who are not guilty of war. They run away without wealth from the countries, but have to pay for the hotel fuel, food. With the introduction of Euronin in Europe, they can pay with their crypto at any time. 

There is no need to look for bitomats, exchange offices or opening accounts in banks to make a withdrawal from the stock exchange and wait for how many days. Not everyone also uses exchanges with available payment cards. 

The difference of our system is its simplicity and accessibility in the simplest everyday transactions. Each situation of the theft of a physical wallet on vacation (and thus a card blockade, so hooked up to the phone) shows us how much there is a lack of solutions that we just provide. 

A payment system based on Solana

Everything takes place with the use of the Solana blockchain network, i e at a level that is completely different than previously made payments. Euronin is an intermediary of this payment, providing all parties with technical solutions at the same time. The whole process will take us about 1 minute. 

Our business is a milestone for the adaptation of cryptocurrencies to everyday ordinary life. It connects the future of digital currency markets with the lives of normal people. It follows the sellers’ offer without waiting for the legal acceptance of BTC or other currencies as means of payment. At this point, we are raising funds to be able to ensure this revolution, so we launched our IEO on the VINDAX Stock Exchange. We will soon be listed on several leading cryptocurrency exchanges, both CEX and DEX.

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