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The Secret to Picking the Most Profitable Cryptocurrency at Early Stages: RBIS, Better than Ada, SHIB, DOGE, XRP, SOL


One coin that is currently standing head and shoulders above the competition is RBIS, the native token of the ArbiSmart project. Let’s take a closer look to understand what factors make RBIS such a promising investment for 2022.

Knowing how best to invest in the crypto arena is becoming increasingly complex, as well-established household names like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are being joined by a stream of altcoins like Cardano, Avalanche, and Shiba Inu, offering exciting new revenue opportunities. 

In this ever-more crowded space investors need to be smart and look at a variety of indicators when evaluating the viability of any up-and-coming crypto asset.  

A Reliable Track Record

ArbiSmart performs automated crypto arbitrage, meaning that it it generates profits from temporary price differences across exchanges. Since price disparities occur with the same regularity whether the market is climbing or crashing, the platform provides a reliable hedge against a crypto bear market.

ArbiSmart performs automated crypto arbitrage

Annual percentage yields are exceptionally consistent, starting at 10.8% and reaching up to 45% a year, depending on the amount invested. This high level of predictability means that passive profits can be calculated ahead of time simply by entering a deposit sum and a time frame in the platform’s yield calculator.

ArbiSmart also generates passive profits for platform users via long term savings plans. By storing funds in a locked savings account for a chosen time frame, users can earn interest of up to 1% per day. 

Since its launch in 2019, ArbiSmart’s EU authorized platform has gone from strength to strength. It has no history of security breaches, and the community has been growing at a steady rate. Now, analysts are projecting a major jump in the token price of up to 4,000% by 2023 as the listing process gains momentum and a series of new RBIS utilities is introduced.

RBIS Listings on Top Exchanges

The listing process kicked off at the start of January and the RBIS token is already available on major exchanges, including HitBTC, SushiSwap, Coinsbit, LAToken and Uniswap. As the process continues and additional, top-tier exchanges list RBIS, the audience for the token will grow. New communities will gain exposure to the token, boosting RBIS name-recognition while increasing liquidity and trading volume. 

A Range of New Utilities

RBIS is likely to see a surge in demand in the coming months, as the platform powered by the token evolves from a crypto arbitrage platform into a wide-ranging, multi-service crypto finance hub.

Arbismart is evolving

In the next couple of weeks, ArbiSmart is introducing a decentralized yield farming program, which will offer highly competitive yields in return for staked capital. Participants who contribute to ETH/RBIS  and  USDT/RBIS  liquidity pools, will be rewarded with APY of up to 190,000% as well as 0.3 of the fees on every transaction.

ArbiSmart is introducing a decentralized yield farming program

In the second quarter of 2022, ArbiSmart will also be enabling RBIS holders to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that provide certification for the 10,000 digital artworks in its collection. 

Another RBIS utility in the pipeline for the first half of the year is an interest-generating wallet, supporting both FIAT and crypto that is scheduled to provide passive profits of up to 45% a year. 

These new services, requiring use of RBIS, are liable to push up demand. This will lead to a reduction in token availability, since the supply is finite. As more exchange listings and utilities are introduced, demand will outpace supply, driving up the RBIS price and generating capital gains. 

ArbiSmart’s development team will be keeping up the pace in the latter half of the year and well into 2023 with the launch of a mobile app for storing, exchanging and purchasing crypto; a package of crypto banking services including IBANs, debit cards and payment service solutions; a cryptocurrency exchange and an investment launchpad for funding promising new altcoins.

When it comes to discovering the most promising coins for investment, there are no absolute certainties. However, examination of an asset’s track record for security and profitability, it’s development schedule and the value of its utilities all offer excellent indications of whether it is likely to disappear without a trace or soar to the moon. 

The ArbiSmart project seems to meet all these criteria. So, if you want to get in early with RBIS, before the price shoots up, buy now! 

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