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RBIS is set to outclimb Bitcoin, Solana and XRP in 2022


RBIS, the token powering the ArbiSmart project is currently worth around 50 cents, but it is set to soar in the coming months, which could translate to huge capital gains for early adopters. For a variety of reasons, the future of RBIS looks promising, from the growing momentum of the listing process to the array of new, value-added utilities in the pipeline for 2022.

As we enter the spring of 2022, some coins have already had their season, while others are about to experience major growth as their prices shoot up. If you didn’t manage to get in on the ground floor with Bitcoin, Solana, or Doge, there are still plenty of chances to make lucrative crypto investments and one coin in particular stands out from the crowd.  

Up to 45% a Year in Passive Revenue

Currently, the primary utility offered on the RBIS platform is automated crypto arbitrage, which involves taking advantage of temporary price differences across echanges. Passive profits start at 10.8% and reach up to 45%, depending on the size of the investment. 

Arbismart performs crypto arbitrage

A critical advantage is the fact that the platform enables users to hedge against falling prices. They will continue to earn a profit even in a crash, since crypto price disparities occur just as often whether the market trend is bullish or bearish. 

Passive revenues can also be earned by storing funds a long-term savings account, which is locked for a chosen timeframe. The longer the lock on the funds, the higher the interest, and rates can reach up to 1% a day.

Greater trading volume and liquidity

Since RBIS was first listed at the start of the new year, it has been added to a number of top-tier exchanges, including HitBTC, SushiSwap, Coinsbit,  LAToken and Uniswap.  This has boosted the name recognition and global credibility of the token and driven demand.

RBIS has been listed in different exchanges

As the process continues throughout 2022, more exchange communities will be introduced to RBIS. Each new listing is increasing RBIS liquidity and trading volume, creating greater accessibility, and enhancing the viability of the token over the long term. 

Demand will be pushed even higher in the months ahead as ArbiSmart introduces multiple new utilities powered by RBIS. 

RBIS Increased demand and product diversity in 2022

ArbiSmart has a packed schedule for 2022, which kicks off later this month with the release of its new decentralized yield farming program. The service is offered through Uniswap with an easy-to-use ArbiSmart interface offering end-to-end management. Users can contribute to ETH/RBIS  and  USDT/RBIS liquidity pools, for staking rewards that include 0.3% of the fees on every trade and annual percentage yields of up to 190,000%. 

The next RBIS utility to be introduced is an NFT marketplace, which is scheduled to arrive in Q2. Non-fungible tokens purchasable with RBIS, will authenticate ArbiSmart’s collection of 10,000 digital artworks. meanwhile, another utility in the pipeline for next quarter is an interest-generating wallet. Supporting both FIAT and crypto, it will offer secure storage as well as rates of up to 45% a year.

Arbismart is launching a new decentralized yield farming program

Each of these new RBIS utilities will increase demand for the token, in the coming year, while boosting liquidity and trading volume. However, as token demand rises, supply will shrink since the amount of RBIS that can ever be created is finite. As soon as demand overtakes supply, the RBIS price should shoot up.  

This is a trend that is set to continue in the second half of 2022 and well into 2023 as more utilities are introduced. Later this year, ArbiSmart is releasing a mobile app that will allow users to securely purchase, exchange and store cryptocurrencies. The project has also recently updated its EU license, so that it is now authorized to deliver virtual currency banking services and ArbiSmart will soon be offering crypto debit cards, payment services and IBANs. The company will then be keeping up the rapid development pace with the creation of a crypto exchange, closely followed by  an investment launchpad, providing funding for up-and-coming altcoins.  

ArbiSmart is on an upward trajectory in the year ahead and the roadmap shows incredible promise and ambition. To make major capital gains in 2022 with a coin that is on track to  outperform heavy-hitters like Bitcoin, Solana and Shiba Inu, buy RBIS now!

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