CryptoGames: Prominent Crypto Gambling Experience at the Finest Casino
CryptoGames: Prominent Crypto Gambling Experience at the Finest Casino

CryptoGames: Prominent Crypto Gambling Experience at the Finest Casino

By Crypto Advertising - 1 Apr 2022

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Casinos around the world, both physical and online have become more modern since cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity in the financial world. Crypto gambling has gained a noticeable amount of fan base for being easily accessible by digital gamblers around the corners of the world. 

The online casinos are always up for offering the best entertainment and secure financial transaction systems for the crowd. Most online casinos are thoughtfully customizing their internal architecture to be easily accessible for all devices. To give a broad idea about how an efficient crypto casino provides entertainment to its players, this review will feature CryptoGames, an online casino that has built its entire system to support 10 popular cryptocurrencies.

CryptoGames is a registered online casino run under the license of the Curacao government and MuchGaming B.V. There are 9 games on the website and every one of them is exceedingly entertaining for the crowd. All 9 games can be played by using the entire list of 10 cryptocurrencies. 

The casino has speedy systems for deposit, withdrawal, and exchanges. Moreover, its User Interface, kind policies for rewarding the gamblers or promoting responsible gambling have made the casino one of the most favored Crypto casinos. 

Looking at the CryptoGames’s User Interface

To maximize the efficiency and functionality of all the elements, the User Interface is extremely lightweight and adaptable in all devices even for mobile phones. The website has zero click-baits or popups and is always neat and well managed. On top of that, the incredibly modern system also has features like the multifunctional live chat box, faucet, rainbot, gaming features, etc. 

On the website, there is also a specified section where the players can find all of the information such as FAQ, Chat Rules, Customer Support, Security and Privacy Policies, Gambling Policies, and more. 

Speedy Transaction Systems:

At CryptoGames, all transactions can be done with 10 highly popular cryptocurrencies. For playing the games, players have to complete credit conversion before placing their bets. The fully registered players have the privilege to make a deposit, reward withdrawal, and currency exchanges. Crypto conversion rates are updated every 10 minutes and are displayed on the games’ pages. The casino offers the following cryptocurrencies right now:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Litecoin
  • DogeCoin
  • Monero
  • GAS
  • Solana 
  • Dash

For the transactions, there are two kinds of systems for the registered players to avail. For speedier deposits and exchanges, players can use Onramper and ChangeNow. They can also use the regular system if they want to play in a more regular system. To enable credit card deposits, Onramper works as a third-party fiat currency depositor. 

On the other hand, ChangeNow works as a third-party crypto exchanging website that enables multiple crypto conversions. Through Onramper, fiat currencies can be deposited with credit cards. And through ChangeNow players can exchange any other cryptocurrencies into any one of the 10 available cryptocurrencies the website offers.  

Library of Games 

At the very moment, 9 casino games are delivering pure entertainment on the website. All of them come with exceedingly reasonable house edges, exciting smart features, and lightweight designs. The games are also highlighted in the promotional events, monthly betting contests, and even for Jackpots. 


The first game displayed in the library is called Dice. It is available for all 10 cryptocurrencies as well as the Play Money currency. The players of Dice can also participate in its very own progressive jackpot. By meeting simple rules, all players of Dice can have an opportunity to win bigger rewards.

Settings like choosing the desired cryptocurrency, the bet amount has to be adjusted before the dice is rolled. If the players wish, then they can also choose the auto-betting feature to run multiple bets without readjusting their settings. Players must make a correct prediction to score a win. 


The famous card game where 21 points make or break a deal, is being offered right at CryptoGames. The casino has tried its best to keep the design of the game simple and classic. It is available for all 10 cryptocurrencies as well as Play Money. If a player successfully beats the hand of the dealer without exceeding the limit or scores 21 points directly from the first 2 draws, then a winning score is given. 

Settings for the bet must be adjusted beforehand. It is useful for the players if they are well aware of the rules and guidelines of the game or explore the game using their Play Money. 


Among all other games displayed on the website, Lottery is the only game available for 4 cryptocurrencies. The game is as simple as it can get. Like the ever-known game of Lottery, the crypto version also has to be played by buying tickets. In CryptoGames, players can buy several tickets based on the limit and availability. 

The results of the drawings are always fair and square for every participant. The casino provides complete transparency for all draws through the third-party app, Random Picker. Lottery tickets are drawn every week on two specified days. Drawing days will vary for cryptocurrencies. 


One of the most classic games that provide an exclusive gambling experience is Roulette. And players will be ecstatic to know that at CryptoGames, the European version of the game is always available for all 10 cryptocurrencies and Play Money. To earn a winning score, players must predict their neighbour’s bets accurately so that the ball is thrown on the wheel, lands into any one of them. 

Neighbour bets are placed using betting chips and even a smart feature called Neighbour Bets. This smart feature allows the players to randomly place possibly fruitful neighbor bets. The smart feature has 4 automatic options to choose from. In the game, winners are compensated according to the American Roulette. 


One of the most well-recognized gambling games since the 1980s is surely Plinko. Although it is presented in its modern version, Plinko still reflects its classic architecture for the digital players. 

The game is available for all 10 cryptocurrencies and Play Money. For Plinko, there are 4 different shades of balls to use on the pyramid. The shades are Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. The shade a player picks will be shown on the ball and it will reach the row specifically dedicated for that color. This means the payout slot and house edges for the shades are all different. If a ball reaches a profitable slot, then only the payout will be handed out to the player. 


A more modern-looking version of Dice has been created as DiceV2. In this version as well, the rules require a player to make a correct prediction of their roll. The final result of the roll is always displayed on the slider. 

Settings for the bet can be adjusted using the slider as well as the manual tabs. On the slider, players will find the maximum winning chances on the leftmost side and the minimum on the rightmost side. Increasing the winning chances will reduce the final payout amount but the opposite will happen if a player decreases their winning chances. The game also comes with an Auto Bet feature that can run multiple bets in one go and the highly entertaining Progressive Jackpot. 


Since the 90’s time, Minesweeper has been known as one of the best puzzle games of all time. Its digital and crypto version at CryptoGames has become one of the best games for players of all levels. The game hands out easy rewards to the players as long as they avoid hitting a mine. 

This means until they hit a mine, players are free to withdraw the rewards they have earned at any point. If a player hits a mine after earning a good amount, then they will lose their entire earning and will have to play again. A player will be in full control of choosing the number of mines the field will hide during the game. The game however will not help the players with any hints or flags. 

Video Poker 

Another worthy card game at the casino is Video Poker. This one is hands down an exclusive one since it has 3 more versions of it in the casino. All 3 versions of Video Poker are available for all 10 cryptocurrencies and the Play Money currency. 

The three versions are known as Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, and Bonus Poker. All of them carry individual and different house edges at all times. If a player successfully beats the house by using all 5 cards then they will be compensated immediately. It is useful to learn about the values of the cards beforehand. Exploring the guidelines with Play Money will be extremely helpful for the new players who have less to zero knowledge about Video Poker. 


Another true casino game in the library of CryptoGames is Slot. The game has been designed for gamblers who are looking for simple games with the least complex rules. It is available for all 10 cryptocurrencies and the Play Money currency. 

There are a total of 7 winning combinations for the game and all of them have more than 49% winning chances. If a player successfully earns any one of them in the middle row (regardless of the sequence) then they are immediately paid according to the payout table. 

The 7 combinations display 5 different colorful symbols and carry their payout amounts. The symbols that line up in the combinations can be found in the guidelines of the game. In Slot, the players also get to use the Auto Bet function to run multiple bets. 

Gaming Features

While normal gambling is intense and thrilling for the crowd, crypto gambling might sound intimidating for many beginners. To ease that, CryptoGames has included many automatic features for all its players. One of the frequently seen features on the games is the Auto Bet feature. This automatic system runs multiple rounds for customized bet size, payout multipliers, and even changes according to win or lose. 

Another example of a cool gaming feature is called the Smart Hold feature. It is available for all three versions of the game, Video Poker. Using this one player can form their hand to beat the house. The feature allows the players to Hold onto auto-selected cards as they hit on deals. 

Good Policies and Rewards

CryptoGames offers Provably Fair gambling policies as well as Responsible gambling policies to make sure their overall system is at its very best. The casino is against all unfair means and strictly takes action against anyone who violates the rules of the community. 

The gambling platform is thoroughly promoting the highly enjoyable entertainment medium all while it promotes excellent policies to help prevent any kind of negative impact of gambling. Their responsible gambling policies provide helplines for the players who require guidance and even systems that help them to break an addictive pattern. 

Moreover, it hands out additional rewards through rewarding features like the Rainbot and the Faucet. While Faucet rewards the players with Play Money, Rainbot gives out a small amount of cryptocurrencies to the players for their consistent contribution to the casino. 

Additionally, the players get to earn more rewards by sharing the referral links with others. More information on this and the monthly events are given on the website.

CryptoGames Leading Online Casinos

To conclude, it can be said that CryptoGames is hands down the best option to choose if reliable and resourceful crypto gambling is what a fervent gambler is seeking. The platform is not only the best for a clean gambling experience but also safe for any newcomers. 

There are endless opportunities at CryptoGames for relishing the latest gambling experiences and within the upcoming days, their thoughtful updates will impress more potential gamblers. 

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