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RBIS Coin Is Expected to 200x in 2022, Climbing Quicker than Ethereum, Dogecoin and Cardano

The crypto market has evolved beyond established household names like Bitcoin and Ethereum to become a dynamic arena where breakout altcoins can rapidly climb to hundreds and even thousands of times their original value in no time at all. This not only supports bleeding-edge blockchain innovation, but also massively expands the investment opportunities presented by the crypto space.

One up and comer that is anticipated to climb to 200 times its current price in 2022 is RBIS, the token powering ArbiSmart. The project is rapidly introducing new utilities in multiple areas simultaneously, from DeFi and NFTs to the metaverse, gaining credibility and popularity at an accelerated pace. 

RBIS Is Widening Its Reach


Since its initial listing, earlier this quarter, RBIS has been added to a significant number of top-tier exchanges that have high liquidity and trading volume as well as large, dedicated crypto communities, like Uniswap, SushiSwap, HitBTC, and Coinsbit among others. 

As the listing process continues to gather momentum, the token will keep gaining ground, enjoying enhanced name recognition and legitimacy. All this is taking place parallel to the rapid release of a series of RBIS utilities, designed to propel token demand and expose new audiences from the diverse worlds of art, finance and gaming to the expanding ArbiSmart crypto ecosystem.

ArbiSmart Works Fast

One of the primary reasons why RBIS has been singled out by analysts for its exceptional growth potential is the speed at which new products and services are being brought to market. 

ArbiSmart services currently include an automated crypto arbitrage platform, which provides passive profits of up to 45%. The project also offers long-term, high-interest savings accounts that offer up to 1% interest per day. 

For the second quarter of 2022  the development team has seriously stepped up the pace. In April, ArbiSmart will be launching an interest-generating wallet for FIAT and cryptocurrencies that provides rates of up to 45% a year. The project developers are also releasing a mobile app, enabling the user to securely buy, exchange and store digital assets.


In May, ArbiSmart is introducing a decentralized yield farming service, which will offer exceptionally high rewards for staking capital in ETH/RBIS and USDT/RBIS liquidity pools, including APY of up to 190,000%, as well as 0.3% of the fees from each trade. 

Additionally, ArbiSmart will be launching an NFT marketplace in Q2. Participants will be able to buy non-fungible tokens with RBIS to gain ownership of the artworks in the project’s vast 10,000- piece digital art collection. 

This huge development push is diversifying the ArbiSmart crypto hub, introducing RBIS to a broader crypto community, which should increase demand and drive up the token price. 

The Team Is Tuned in

What also sets RBIS apart is the fact that the ArbiSmart developers remain ahead of the curve with the latest crypto trends. 

As new applications of blockchain tech emerge ArbiSmart is responding with exceptional agility. Having already embraced NFTs and DeFi, the project will be introducing its own metaverse as well as crypto banking services, and a digital currency exchange later this year. 


A metaverse powered by the RBIS currency, is in the pipeline for the second half of 2022, where token holders will be able by virtual plots of land, in-game items and more. 

In addition, at the start of this year, ArbiSmart got the ball rolling on an innovative crypto banking package, by upgrading its EU authorization. Now, the project is fully authorized to provide the crypto debit cards, IBANs and payment service solutions that are scheduled for launch in H2. 

Although the RBIS price is currently hovering around the 50 cents mark, analysts are projecting a 20,000% increase in value. The upcoming RBIS utilities are set to drive token demand and eat into the limited token supply, resulting in a major price surge in the months ahead. This could lead to substantial gains for those who seize the opportunity early enough and buy RBIS now before the price goes to the moon.

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