OVR launches wine in the metaverse with Wine Bottle Club
OVR launches wine in the metaverse with Wine Bottle Club

OVR launches wine in the metaverse with Wine Bottle Club

By Stefania Grosso - 18 Apr 2022

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OVR, the metaverse on blockchain renamed OVER, has announced a new partnership with Wine Bottle Club, an NFT club of fine wines. 

To celebrate the partnership, OVER will be giving away 1 NFT, 3 whitelisted spots for the next NFT drop and 350 OVR to 1 lucky participant!

OVR and Wine Bottle Club to bring wine NFTs to the OVER Metaverse

over wine bottle club nft
OVR together with Wine Bottle Club to bring wine into the metaverse in the form of NFT

OVR announced on its social channels that it has just closed a partnership with Wine Bottle Club. 

“We’re excited to partner with @winebottleclub, the exclusive fine wine NFT Club. To celebrate, we’re going to be giving away 1 NFT, 3 whitelist spots for the upcoming #nft drop, and 350 OVR tokens to 1 lucky participant!

To participate:

Like and Retweet Follow

Follow @WineBottleClub + @OVRtheReality

Tag 3 friends

Join the discord: http://discord.gg/winebottleclub

Time limit: 24hrs”.

In short, Wine Bottle Club is a project that aims to disrupt the distribution of fine wine, creating a lasting global ecosystem. Their services are of different types, such as NFTs, bottle tasting and VIP club memberships, but also immersive experiences in the Metaverse

At the moment, Wine Bottle Club will replicate its physical cellar in a virtual shop in the OVR Metaverse. 

OVR renamed OVER The Reality

Last week, OVR made its name change official: from OVR to OVER, which stands for “OVER The Reality”

In fact, OVR had already launched the Over Platform to the public 16 months ago, and this desire to rename it OVER is intended to give priority to this platform for anyone who wants to augment the physical world with geolocalized AR

A marketing move that best meets the company’s current vision of wanting to build a persistent, decentralized digital layer on top of the physical world.

Changing Blockchain. From Ethereum to Polygon

Late last year, OVR also announced to its followers that it had decided to switch from the Ethereum Blockchain to the Polygon Blockchain. 

The Polygon network was thus chosen by OVR, not only to overcome the scalability and transaction cost barriers proposed by Ethereum, but also with respect to its Optimistic and ZK Rollups alternatives. 

Not surprisingly, Polygon is very close to the Ethereum ecosystem, with which it shares the same values, albeit with massive scalability and adoption

Recently, Polygon also published its Green Manifesto as a commitment to become carbon-negative by 2022.

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