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This Coin, Set to Soar X200, Offers the Biggest Capital Gains Since Ethereum, Shiba Inu, or Solana


Among all the recent entries into the crypto market, one stand-out newcomer, ArbiSmart (RBIS) is gaining a reputation as a coin to watch in 2022, with analysts projecting a 20,000% rise in the coming months. 

Much of the optimism surrounding the project stems from the speed with which ArbiSmart is evolving into a diverse and interconnected, crypto finance ecosystem. There are also a number of quite unique characteristics that make it such an attractive prospect for crypto investors.


RBIS was first listed just last quarter, and it is already widely available across multiple top-tier exchanges like Uniswap and Sushiswap.  Each prominent exchange that adds the token boosts RBIS popularity and legitimacy, enhancing token liquidity and trading volume as well as introducing RBIS to a whole new crypto community. This gathering momentum encourages other top exchanges to do the same, further expanding the market for the token.

RBIS is not only rapidly becoming more accessible, it is also about to power a large number of  new utilities.

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So far, ArbiSmart has already introduced a crypto arbitrage service, via an automated trading system that generates profits of up to 45% a year. However, later this month, ArbiSmart is releasing an interest-generating wallet, which will offer up to 147% APY on RBIS, and up to 49% on all other supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies. Close on its heels will be the introduction of a mobile platform that enables users to deposit, withdraw, buy, exchange and store crypto at their convenience.

This quarter will also see the launch of a collection of thousands of one-of-a-kind, unique digital items and the introduction of an ArbiSmart NFT marketplace, where participants can purchase and sell non-fungible tokens.

Additionally, in May, ArbiSmart will be introducing a decentralized yield farming service – Smart Yield Farm. In return for providing liquidity via ETH/RBIS and USDT/RBIS  liquidity pools, users will be rewarded with up to 190,000% APY plus 0.3 % of the fees on every trade.


The project’s rosy prospects can also be attributed to the fact that the development team is always looking ahead. Throughout the second half of 2022, ArbiSmart will be releasing a series of products and services that embrace some of the biggest trends in crypto.

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For example, a metaverse is in the pipeline for H2. Participants in ArbiSmart’s digital world will be able to create and explore new environments where they can buy, develop and sell plots of virtual real estate, play various games, purchase in-game items and more.

Later this year ArbiSmart is introducing a cryptocurrency exchange as well as a launchpad for funding promising new altcoins. H2 will also see ArbiSmart’s plans to provide banking solutions come to fruition. Having already upscaled its EU authorizations to cover crypto banking services, ArbiSmart is now all set to introduce crypto debit cards, payments services and IBANs in the months ahead.


The ArbiSmart hub is driving token liquidity by being totally interconnected, so for example, an NFT from the marketplace can serve as an in-game item in the metaverse. Use of one ArbiSmart utility will be rewarded with preferential terms when using another, so the ArbiSmart NFT holder will earn a higher APY if they stake funds with Smart Yield Farm.

rbis coin

The RBIS price is currently hovering around the $1.5 mark. However, as new utilities are introduced, demand for the token will grow, since use of all ArbiSmart products and services requires use of RBIS. While demand is rising, the supply is finite and permanently capped at 450M, meaning that as the available supply diminishes the price should increase dramatically leading to significant capital gains.

RBIS is on an upward trajectory and all the new developments on the way are likely to have a huge impact on the price in 2022. To seize the opportunity and get hold of the token cheaply, before the price takes off, buy RBIS here

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