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RBIS projected to jump x80 in q2, this coin set to be next Bitcoin or Polygon


There are numerous contenders to become the next big breakout altcoin to hit the exchanges in 2022. At the head of the pack is RBIS, the token behind the ArbiSmart project. Analysts are projecting that the token will rise by 8,000% in the coming months and they have a number of compelling reasons for anticipating such a huge jump in value. 

A massive increase in token awareness

The RBIS token was first introduced on exchanges in mid-January, and since its initial listing, it has been added to multiple leading exchanges like Uniswap and Sushiswap, as well as many others. 

rbis coin
Listing in major exchanges

Each new listing means increased accessibility and trading volume, as RBIS is introduced to an additional crypto exchange community, widening the audience for the token, proving its long-term viability and improving name recognition.   

The listing process is ongoing and with the growth in RBIS liquidity and credibility, even more tier-1 global exchanges will be inclined to add the token. As a result of this increase in momentum as well as the upcoming developments designed to expand the ArbiSmart ecosystem this quarter, token awareness and demand are set to soar.

Lightning-Fast ecosystem expansion

Showing unmatched speed and agility, the development team is evolving rapidly into an expansive EU authorized crypto ecosystem that offers the full spectrum of financial services. ArbiSmart already offers crypto arbitrage, via an automated trading system that generates between 10.8% and 45% a year in passive profits. This quarter, the project is launching a stream of new RBIS utilities starting with a digital, interest-bearing wallet for FIAT and crypto that is being launched in May. 

In addition to providing secure storage for the user’s capital, the wallet will offer interest rates of up to 147% on RBIS accounts, and up to 49% for all other currencies. Wallet owners can hold their funds in a closed, long-term savings account to earn a higher rate. However, the interest, which is generated daily, can be sent to an open account, and accessed any time in EUR, while the initial deposit remains untouched. 

Almost simultaneously, ArbiSmart will also be releasing a mobile version of the platform next month. The app will enable users to deposit and withdraw funds, buy, store, stake and exchange crypto as well as perform a variety of other actions via their phone or tablet. 

Q2 will also see the introduction of Smart Yield Farm, a decentralized yield farming program offered via Uniswap, with a direct interface through the ArbiSmart platform. Staking crypto by contributing to a ETH/RBIS and/or a USDT/RBIS  liquidity pool, will be rewarded with impressive annual yields of up to 190,000% as well as 0.3 % of the fees on every trade.

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ArbiSmart NFT ecosystem

This quarter ArbiSmart will also be launching a 10,000-piece digital art collection, and along with it, an NFT marketplace, where participants will be able to use RBIS to buy and sell all types of Non-Fungible Tokens, such as audio and video recordings, virtual collectibles, in-game items digital drawings and more.

Over the next couple of months, with each of one of these new RBIS utilities being introduced in rapid succession, token demand is about to explode. The amount of RBIS that can ever be created is forever capped at 450M, so with the available supply decreasing and demand increasing, the price should rise substantially.

Wide-Ranging project scope

Another way in which ArbiSmart sets itself apart is by positioning itself to rapidly adopt new trends. It is consistently looking ahead to where the crypto market is going next, and in the second half of 2022 will be introducing a wide range of additional services in the hottest fields of crypto finance.   

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Finance around ArbiSmart and RBIS coin

ArbiSmart recently upgraded its EU authorizations, meaning that it has already laid the groundwork to introduce crypto banking services in H2, including digital currency payment solutions, crypto debit cards and IBANs.

The project is also launching a cryptocurrency exchange later this year,  as well as a launchpad for funding the most promising up-and-coming altcoins. Also, in 2022, the ArbiSmart metaverse is being introduced. This is a play-to-earn virtual world, powered by RBIS, where gamers, creators, and investors can come together to explore and create new digital spaces, play games, buy in-game items, purchase, build on, or sell virtual plots of land, and more.

ArbiSmart is boosting liquidity by making all these diverse services interconnected. For example, an NFT purchased in the marketplace may serve as an in-game item in the metaverse. Moreover, use of one service in ArbiSmart’s crypto hub is rewarded elsewhere, so holding the NFT would earn the owner of the Non-Fungible Token higher yields in Smart Yield Farm. 

Currently the RBIS price stands at around $1, though the token is gaining ground at an accelerated rate and is perfectly placed to make huge capital gains. To accumulate tokens while the price is still negligible, buy RBIS now!

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