Crypto Expo Milan Set to Become The Most Influent Blockchain Dedicated Event in Italy
Crypto Expo Milan Set to Become The Most Influent Blockchain Dedicated Event in Italy

Crypto Expo Milan Set to Become The Most Influent Blockchain Dedicated Event in Italy

By Patrick Verardi - 14 May 2022

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Crypto Expo Milano, your blockchain bridge to the Italian market is here. A global conference to bring together leaders in the crypto assets space and blockchain technology. 

The italian blockchain event: Crypto Expo Milan

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The logo of the event

Milan – June 23-26th, 2022 – Crypto Expo Milano (CEM), the international conference dedicated to professionals in the blockchain and crypto industry, has announced its first edition will take place from the 23th – 26th June 2022. 

CEM is set to become one of the largest European conferences dedicated to Blockchain and Crypto with over 2000 attendees expected and the top influencers from the Italian crypto market. The Crypto Expo Milan will officially commence on June 23th, 2022 with the first days of educational workshops at Studio 90, one of the most comfortable event locations in Milan, easy to reach due to the proximity of the Linate international airport and well served by Hotels and transportation. 

The noteworthy roster of headline speakers at the event includes blockchain and crypto experts, opinion leaders, influencers and executives of some of the most important companies from the Italian and international blockchain scene. Keynotes, panels, conferences and workshops, but also parties, networking moments and meetings between crypto communities are set to fulfill the interesting agenda of the event. 

CEM is a community-focused event, aiming to help the adoption and spread the word of the blockchain and crypto digital assets, helping to educate and onboard newcomers to the crypto space. 

Valeria Pagano, Co-founder and CEO at Crypto Expo Milano commented: 

“I am pleased to announce that CEM will be the first ever crypto and blockchain event organized in Milan and one of the very few in Italy. As a common meeting place for industry leaders, we will help re-designing the future of the economy and finance with the help of the blockchain technology”. 

Milan, CEM 2022

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CEM 2022, the most anticipated Italian blockchain event ever

CEM 2022 will take place at Studio 90 and it will bring together the brightest minds, game changers, creators, regulators, influencers and insiders along with business professionals, investors and leaders in the blockchain and crypto industry from Italy and the entire world. 

Florin Simovici, Co-founder and COO commented:

”In my opinion blockchain is the biggest game-changer technology from the invention of the internet. We are ready to attend crypto enthusiasts and prominent global figures to deeply discuss the key facts shaping the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry as the market continues to grow with the speed of light”.

International speakers from many sectors including technology, business, and finance will take the stage presenting DeFi, Metaverse and emerging new models, such as DAO. The event will center around four days of Workshops, Conferences, Panels, Exclusive Parties and Gala dinner. 

Cristian Orto, Co-Founder and CTO of Theca Project, one of the main sponsors of the event and Co-Founder of CEM commented:

“The Theca family is honored to be a part of CEM 22. The shift from Web2 to Web3 is happening and events like CEM are going to facilitate those in-person connections, essential for spreading knowledge and facilitate the global adoption”.

Florin concluded: 

“Blockchain technology is not just coming, it is already here, take a look around you. Governments around the world are already adopting it and events like CEM will accelerate the growth of blockchain and digital assets in Italy and around the world. We hope to empower attendees to stay ahead of this fast-moving ecosystem and to be updated on new emerging projects that can change business and society as we know it”. 

Valeria Pagano, Cristian Orto, Florin Simovici, CEO, CTO and COO at Crypto Expo Milan, are available for interviews. 

About Crypto Expo Milan 

The first edition of Crypto Expo Milan (CEM) will be held on June 23-26 2022 at Studio 90 in Milan. 

The event will include conferences and blockchain focused educational workshops featuring key speakers, local and global influencers, media attendees, partners and global leaders from the digital assets industry. 

With education and discovery highlighted, we will provide a specialized space for novices and veterans alike to learn from experts and foster strong connections within the Blockchain and  Crypto Space. 

Bringing together enterprise and consumer brands, blockchain developers, gamers, investors, traders and fans, the event will enable never seen networking opportunities. 

The event is organized by leading emerging technology companies and organizations, and supported by some of the leading figures of the industry

To all participants or sponsors from outside the E.U interested to attend, the CEM staff will provide business visa assistance, if needed. 

Visit the official website for more information, agenda and to purchase tickets for CEM2022. 

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