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RBIS Coin is expected to skyrocket in 2022 from $1 to $180!


New altcoins are entering the crypto exchanges all the time but one of the most exciting recent additions is RBIS, the native token of the ArbiSmart project. RBIS was first listed last quarter, and since then it has been rapidly gaining momentum.

Even though the RBIS price is starting out around the $1 mark, the project is undergoing major expansion, and analysts are projecting an 18,000% rise in value this year, making it one of the most  promising investment opportunities of 2022.

Accelerated development

One of the main reasons for the positivity surrounding the RBIS token is the huge development push that is currently underway, which will see the release of multiple new EU authorized utilities in the coming weeks and months.

At present, ArbiSmart offers crypto arbitrage, via an automated trading platform that generates between 10.8% and 45% a year, depending on the amount invested. In the next couple of weeks, ArbiSmart will  be adding an interest-bearing wallet to its service portfolio. 

The wallet will support multiple crypto and FIAT currencies, while offering a variety of savings plans. Interest, which is paid out daily, will reach up to 147% a year on RBIS accounts and 49% a year on accounts in every other supported currency.

Later in May, close on the heels of the wallet, ArbiSmart will be releasing an app, which will allow users to securely deposit, store, exchange, buy or withdraw crypto via their mobile phones.

Rapid ecosystem development

Q2 will also see the launch of a decentralized yield farming program, which will be offered via Uniswap, with direct access through the ArbiSmart dashboard. Participants who contribute to  ETH/RBIS and USDT/RBIS liquidity pools will be rewarded for staking their capital with up to 190,000% APY and 0.3% of the fees from every trade.

This quarter, ArbiSmart is also releasing a 10,000-piece collection of unique digital artworks alongside the launch of an NFT marketplace where users can purchase and sell non-fungible tokens. 

Token demand will increase with the introduction of each new product and service, since RBIS is required to use every utility in the ArbiSmart ecosystem. The supply however is forever capped at 450M RBIS, so as demand rises, the number of available tokens will drop, pushing up the price. 

Further diversification

The development team has no intention of slowing the pace in the second half of 2022. To begin with, ArbiSmart has its own crypto exchange scheduled for release in the summer.  This will be closely followed by the launch of an EU registered and authorized crypto banking package, which will include payment services, IBANs and crypto debit cards.  

Project diversification

A play-to-earn metaverse is also scheduled for the latter half of the year. Visitors will be able to earn real-world profits in a digital landscape, where it will be possible to explore and create new environments, while buying, building on and selling virtual plots of land.

The diversification of the platform also means greater opportunity for cross-pollination and growth. So, someone who buys an NFT in the marketplace can use it as an in-game tool, such as an avatar in the metaverse. 

Moreover, use of one RBIS utility will be rewarded when using another. For example, just holding an ArbiSmart NFT will ensure a higher APY  from the yield farming program. This interconnectivity boosts liquidity across the entire ArbiSmart ecosystem further increasing token demand.

There is a brief window in which to make sizable gains by getting hold of the token while the price is still in single digits, before it skyrockets in value. To seize the opportunity, buy RBIS now

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