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Bitcoin ends longest bearish streak in history? Here’s where BTC price heading next


The prices of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) saw a 5% jump over June 6 and entered a upward correction that dragged the price of BTC from below $30,000 to above $31,500, giving investors renewed hopes for a much-anticipated market recovery after a brutal sell-off in May. Although the rallies were so weak that it fell again the next day, it was the first green weekly candlestick in ten weeks.

Is the worst over or just a flash in the pan?

After nine consecutive weeks of closing lower than the previous one, Bitcoin finally managed to break this negative trend and marked its first green weekly candle since late March.

The first green weekly candlestick in ten weeks does not immediately cause a change in sentiment. Emotions still score 15/100 according to the Fear and Greed Index, putting us in extreme anxiety territory. This extreme fear may be a good reflection of the general sentiment in global financial markets. No one knows how far central banks want to go to control inflation.

fear & greed index

Saylor’s upbeat outlook

Since the record peak in November 2021, the whole crypto market has continuously experienced typhoons. Even some altcoins like LUNA plummeted more than 1000% in one day.

However, according to Michael Saylor, Co-Founder of MicroStrategy Inc, the crypto-market turmoil is “wonderful” for Bitcoin. 

Michael said:

“I think this entire crypto crisis is going to be excellent for Bitcoin. It will hasten some long-overdue regulation of stablecoins, altcoins, and exchanges. It’s about breaking the political deadlock. It’s informing the world about the differences between Bitcoin and security tokens, which will make it easier for big institutions to enter the space.”

Long-term optimism of Bitcoin

Despite the crypto slump and the rallies are extremely weak, banking giant JPMorgan says Bitcoin is massively undervalued. Maintaining its estimate of Bitcoin’s fair value at $38,000, the bank recently reiterated the assessment it gave the asset in February when the cryptocurrency was trading around $43,400. This price is approximately 28% higher than its current level.

The golden time to profit taking advantage of volatility

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