About to X200, this is the coin to watch in 2022!
About to X200, this is the coin to watch in 2022!

About to X200, this is the coin to watch in 2022!

By Crypto Advertising - 9 Jun 2022

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Leading the pack is a recent addition to the crypto exchanges that analysts are projecting will rise by 20,000% in 2022. ArbiSmart (RBIS) is a promising newcomer that has the potential to become one of this year’s most profitable crypto investments

Since RBIS was first listed in January, it has been added to numerous leading exchanges like SushiSwap and Uniswap and the listing process is continuing to gain momentum. While the platform already offers automated crypto arbitrage, generating up to 45% a year in passive profits, over the coming months the project is set to undergo massive expansion. Multiple new utilities are being introduced, which will transform the platform into an end-to-end financial ecosystem, offering a diverse array of EU authorized products and services. 

Super-fast development 

The speed with which the ArbiSmart team is developing new utilities places it well ahead of the curve. 

New utilities upcoming

Later this month, ArbiSmart will be launching ArbiWallet, an interest-generating digital wallet supporting a variety of both crypto and FIAT currencies. Users will be able to securely store their capital while earning rates of up to 147% a year on RBIS accounts and up to 49% a year on all other account currencies. This quarter, the project will also be releasing a mobile application enabling users to perform a variety of activities such as depositing, buying, storing, exchanging, and withdrawing crypto from any Android or iOS device. 

The next couple of months will also see the introduction of an NFT marketplace where participants will be able to purchase and sell non-fungible tokens, as well as the release of a collection of thousands of unique digital artworks.

Close on its heels, ArbiSmart will be launching a decentralized yield farming  program. It will be available via Uniswap with direct access through the ArbiSmart dashboard. Users will be able to stake capital  through ETH/RBIS and USDT/RBIS liquidity pools and be rewarded with 0.3% of the fees from every trade as well as annual yields of up to 190,000%.

In the coming months ArbiSmart will also be releasing its own cryptocurrency exchange, making for an increasingly self-sufficient and all-encompassing crypto hub. 

Ongoing diversification

The expansion of the ArbiSmart ecosystem is designed to meet the needs of all types of crypto enthusiasts from investors, digital artists and collectors to traders and gamers. With the continuing diversification of the platform ArbiSmart is growing its community, boosting trading volume, increasing liquidity, and driving demand. 

Ecosystem diversification

ArbiSmart’s growth projections are in part a result of the development team incorporating the latest technologies and being attuned to the newest crypto trends from across the crypto arena. For example, near the end of the year, ArbiSmart is introducing a metaverse, a virtual world where visitors can play games to earn real-world revenue. Gamers will be able to buy digital real-estate and then build on or sell the virtual plots of land for actual profit. 

Another new trend, which ArbiSmart is embracing, is crypto banking. The project has already upgraded its European registration and authorization to permit the provision of various banking services and will be introducing a banking package by the end of 2022. The package’s core services will include crypto debit cards, IBANs and payment service solutions.

An interlinked ecosystem 

The web of services in the ArbiSmart ecosystem is tightly interwoven and the utilities are interdependent. For example, a gamer may use an ArbiSmart NFT as their avatar in the project’s metaverse, boosting liquidity.

RBIS is set to rise

RBIS is the currency required for use by every single utility. So, NFTs must be bought with RBIS  and the same goes for in-game items, while ArbiWallet account owners must hold 1,000 RBIS to be eligible to earn interest on stored funds. As a result, the addition of each new utility drives token demand. Meanwhile the supply is finite, so increased demand will lead to a diminished amount of available RBIS, pushing up the price.  

ArbiSmart (RBIS) is an exciting up-and-comer with major developments in the pipeline and a proven track record for speed, agility, and profitability. According to analyst projections, while the RBIS price is still under a dollar,  it is set to rise to around the $200 mark in just a few months. So, for the highest potential profits, now is the time to accumulate the token. Buy RBIS here.

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