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New content in The Nemesis metaverse with LiveNOW

After several successful collaborations with Sony Music Italia, internationally renowned artists and big brands like Guess, The Nemesis and LiveNOW announce a partnership to bring exclusive content into the metaverse.

The aim is to engage the Gen Z target with more immersive entertainment experiences and an increasingly diverse set of content. 

Alessandro De Grandi, CEO & Founder of The Nemesis, said:

“The expansion of usable content in the metaverse can only facilitate the adoption of new technologies by the mass market”.

He does so by echoing one of the key points of the platform’s vision, which is to offer entertainment experiences in the metaverse for everyone and not just for users in the blockchain world. 

The Nemesis and LiveNOW are working to offer a rich calendar of content in the coming months: the next event will be the final of the international martial arts tournament, United Battle League, which will be broadcast by LiveNOW exclusively on The Nemesis. 

Cris Nulli, General Manager of LIVENow Italy and Head of Global Strategy for LIVENow Web3, commented:

“In the last months we have brought exclusive Italian and international content to The Nemesis, aimed at making a more immersive experience for users, the next step will be to connect some of the new features of the platform, and have the possibility to buy NFTs or virtual goods related to the experience and content, which can be used in the metaverse”.

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The goal is to lure Gen Z into the metaverse


The Nemesis is the entertainment platform offering innovative virtual reality experiences. Numerous international brands and influencers have already chosen The Nemesis to increase the engagement of their communities with fun gameplays, challenges with prizes and live events set in new and surprising metaverses. 

The quality of the technology and ease of use are the strengths of the platform, which is accessible from the PC browser or via iOS and Android apps. More information is available on the official website.