Automated trading with Bitsgap’s bots
Automated trading with Bitsgap’s bots

Automated trading with Bitsgap’s bots

By Crypto Advertising - 24 Jun 2022

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Bitsgap is a cryptocurrency trading platform that provides various bots, as well as other things.

Bitsgap allows its users to create bots for automated trading

Bitsgap has been in existence now since 2017, and over the years it has grown to accommodate over 18 million visitors. Its website traffic has been growing steadily, so much so that it has increased by almost 13% in the last month. 

By now, the platform is used by more than 500,000 traders worldwide, with more than $300 billion in total trading volume totaled to date.

Bitsgap’s defining feature is its automated trading bots. It hosts about 3.7 million of them created by the platform’s users themselves. 

In fact, Bitsgap offers access to more than 30 crypto exchanges globally on a single user-friendly interface, and this number is steadily rising. It also does not charge additional fees on trading, deposits and withdrawals.

Bitsgap users have access to various automated trading bots that allow them to take a more passive approach to crypto trading

The bots offered by the platform

One of the latest additions is the DCA (Dollar Cost Average) bot that helps users navigate through both bullish and bearish or sideways market conditions. 

Another is the Grid Bot that helps traders generate profits from small price fluctuations in either direction, which is great for lateralization phases. 

In contrast, the Combo Bot is designed for those who prefer to use futures contracts rather than deal directly with crypto assets. 

All of the platform’s features are laid out within the user interface in a very user-friendly manner, with dozens of indicators that can prove useful for those who frequently rely on such tools. 

The features offered by Bitsgap

Among these features are, of course, those related to orders, which are of four different types: 

  1. Market orders, to take an instant position at the best market price available at that time 
  2. Take-profit and stop-loss, to automatically take profit or limit losses on an open position 
  3. Stop-Limit, to automatically sell when a specific price is reached
  4. Shadow order, to trade outside the order book.

The basic subscription costs $29 per month and provides access to various exchanges, a cross-exchange portfolio, setting up trading signals, and the ability to activate two trading bots.

The advanced subscription, on the other hand, costs $69 per month, and has a monthly trading limit of $100,000. It also gives access to arbitrage trading, the ability to activate five bots, and bots on futures.

The Pro subscription costs $149 per month and has no trading limit. Users can activate up to 20 trading bots, including futures bots and trailing bots. In addition, priority customer support can be accessed.

All plans have a discounted rate if users prepay for six months of subscription.

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