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Gaming: from PlayStation to Web3

An experienced team of award-winning, long-time PlayStation game developers announced that they have been working on a new Web3 cross-platform game.

New Web3 game developed by a team with extensive experience in PlayStation video games

The game is called Ashfall, and involves players having to fight to survive in a dystopian open world marked by global warming and warring enclaves.

Ashfall was conceived by John Garvin, a prolific PlayStation game creator who has authored some of the most popular and successful game franchises for Sony over the past 25 years, including the hugely successful open-world game Days Gone.

It is produced by Liithos, is built on the Hedera network, and will be available for PC, console, and Web3. 

Initially, it will be a single-player game, but in the future, it will evolve into a transmedia cinematic multiplayer PVP and PVE world based on a build, sell and trade economy.

Ashfall is the first game produced by Liithos, a newly formed Web3 game studio led by industry veteran Michael Mumbauer, former head of visual arts at PlayStation who helped bring to life characters such as Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us, and Deacon St. John from Days Gone.

Mumbauer is the founder and CEO of Liithos, while Garvin is the vice president. 

Liithos’ goal is to create a connected world for entertainment, revolutionizing the way gamers experience AAA games. 

The Hedera network has governance based on a board of several global organizations, including Avery Dennison, Boeing, Chainlink Labs, Dentons, Deutsche Telekom, DLA Piper, EDF (Électricité de France), eftpos, FIS (WorldPay), Google, IBM, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), LG Electronics, Magalu, Nomura Holdings, ServiceNow, Shinhan Bank, Standard Bank Group, Swirlds, Tata Communications, Ubisoft, University College London (UCL), Wipro, and Zain Group.

Statements about the new journey undertaken in the world of Web3

Mumbauer stated: 

“At Liithos, we want to deliver the next evolution of AAA gaming to the masses in connected ways that have never been experienced before. The gaming industry is amazing in that it has evolved through a series of innovations, never going backwards. We look forward to continuing that trend, working with partners like the HBAR Foundation in support of the Hedera network, who understand the potential and need for innovation without any harmful impact to the environment”.

Garvin added: 

“Michael and I have worked together creatively for almost two decades and this is our chance to create something really new and exciting. It’s like getting the band back together. Our goal is to create a truly next-gen, open world experience that engages with new technologies to allow user-generated content. As always, our focus is on creating beloved characters, captivating stories and evolutionary gameplay and a world worth exploring, not just in games, but other media as well”.

VP and Head of the Metaverse Fund at The HBAR Foundation, Alex Russman, commented: 

“The team that Michael has assembled at Liithos represents the top minds in AAA game development and the creation of transmedia IP As Liithos lead the charge in bringing top-tier gaming into the Web3 era, creating richer and more rewarding experiences for their users, we are pleased to partner with them and support the development of Liithos’ games and ecosystem, both on the Hedera network and within the broader gaming industry”.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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