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GSI: the Green Token that fights pollution has been listed on PancakeSwap

Global Innovative Solutions launches GSI Token, a brand new green project to address one of the biggest global challenges: environmental pollution.

GSI: the Global Innovation Solutions token listed on the market

The company develops and finances green projects in line with the goals of “Agenda 2030.”

The main message it wants to convey is: 

“Every token issued in the market matches and is backed by tangible physical results; no token is generated if it is not corresponded to a tangible reduction in pollution.”

How does their project works?

Let’s find out!

The GSI Project

GSI Token is literally able to reduce pollution, thanks to partnerships with companies in the “green” industry.

Orders that arrive at partner companies are taken by Global Innovative Solutions, which acts as a broker. It immediately pays part of the invoiced amount to the partner company by FIAT transfer; the rest corresponds to it in the form of GSI tokens purchased on the market.

The percentages vary according to the agreements between the parties.

The more environmentally sustainable plants are installed on the planet, the more the value of the token increases.

Furthermore, as a gesture of recognition, GSI periodically rewards its holders:: for every 100 tons of Co2 saved to the atmosphere through the installation of partners’ sustainable plants, 2,100,000 tokens are mined.

22% of these are distributed to them every time, in proportion to the amount of tokens held.

Global Innovative Solutions has studied and developed smart strategies to progressively increase the price of the token in the long term. They make tokenomics quite elaborate, but this is actually the potential of GSI; let’s take a look at the main smart strategies.

Smart Strategies

The smart strategies of the GSI project were implemented to increase the price progressively in the long term.


Each month the company pledges to reinvest 21% of its profits by buying GSIs at market price, generating a strong impact on the token price every time.

1% release

Those who purchased in pre-sale, after the launch on PancakeSwap, will be able to redeem their tokens at the rate of 1% per month. First and foremost, this ensures the sustainability of the project but, more importantly, the steady growth of token value.

Some experts have defined the release of 1% “a strength that the project has compared to many others”, as this limits the offer.

GSI is a crypto project with a valuable mission; let’s see how it has captivated its community by taking a quick look at its goals and achievements to date.

GSI token launch

Global Innovative Solutions officially launched GSI in private sale in the last quarter of 2021, exhausting the total supply a few days later.

Subsequently, from January 21, 2022 to May 20, 2022, the pre-sale run was held divided into four steps; SOLD OUT was the watchword for each step. 

A total of 72,125,000 tokens were sold for total revenue of $2,100,000.

Not bad at all!


On June 21, 2022, GSI Token was listed on PancakeSwap at $0.21.

The ceremony of the big event took place in Sicily at the impressive Agora in Segesta (TP). During the evening there were many special guests and surprises for all who attended, giving them unforgettable emotions.

In the coming weeks, GSI will also be listed on Nomics, CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.

Charity activities

The GSI Charity Fund allows a portion of the profits generated by the company to go to charity, supporting environmental projects for a more sustainable future.

In March 2022, GSI allocated more than €50,000 for the installation of several water dispensers in two municipalities in the Sicilian territory, with the aim of reducing citizens’ plastic consumption.

In addition, it has recently actively participated in an environmental awareness project in collaboration with Fedelambiente, “5 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Raise and Recover“, to both educate and empower middle school students.

Dozens of volunteers collected huge piles of environmentally dispersed waste along the coast of Mazara del Vallo, Sicily.

For this project, Global Innovative Solutions donated €6,000.00.

In the short term, many other initiatives for a sustainable future will start.

Future developments

There are many projects and activities already included in the roadmap.

The main purpose of each of these is to gradually increase the value of the token.

Let’s see some of them:

  • GSI Green E-commerce” is being developed, which will promote the exclusive use of environmentally friendly products; GSI Token will be accepted as a payment method.
  • GSI will soon be one of the official sponsors of “Formula E” (electric version of Formula 1).
  • The company is in the process of making agreements with several commercial entities for the development of new partnerships and the adoption of GSI Token by them.
  • Smart Partnerships will soon be introduced which provide for the implementation of a commercial network rewarded with a percentage of GSI Token.


Environmental pollution is a serious problem, and we should all combine our efforts to safeguard our planet. GSI is moving toward a sustainable future because it really wants to make a difference.

Holding GSI in one’s wallet means for all intents and purposes “making a concrete contribution to reducing global pollution.”

Join the GSI Green Community now:

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