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How Is NASCAR Involved With Cryptocurrency?

Most people that are involved with crypto are usually into computers and are familiar with the potential it has. But, with the huge press, it got in the past few years, even celebrities are looking to get a piece of the cake. It started with just investing in Bitcoin and other currencies but nowadays, NFTs are coming into the spotlight.

Besides investing and NFTs, gambling has become a huge part of the crypto world. You can even find nascar betting odds on some platforms which is a new thing for many players online. Even if it’s a popular sport, it doesn’t have a global presence like Soccer or Basketball. This may be one of the reasons why they are looking into crypto as one great way to promote the sport.

How Can Blockchain Get Into Sports?

The answer is it can’t, but cryptocurrencies as a method of promoting the sport can be a huge deal. If you have an online casino or a bookie that uses crypto as a payment method, you can get a lot of people to follow a certain sport. This is a very common thing when they are organizing a global event like any championship.

Championships and similar tournaments are great for casinos because they are easy to promote and they can provide better odds for their clients. So, even if you have a sport that isn’t very popular, you can bring a new audience to it.

Landon Cassill

The name is familiar to people that follow NASCAR but what he does outside of it isn’t something that an ordinary fan will know. Landon is in his thirties and he’s considered a youngster in the industry but he changed the game a bit. The things he does outside of the sport helped him gain popularity fast.

In his free time, he started playing games with his fans on Twitch and some people recognized him. After that, one of the biggest crypto platforms today decided to become his sponsor and pay him in cryptocurrency. Besides buying it, he decided to become a part of the community and some sort of leader in his sport.

People thought that he will be concerned because the prices rise and drop more rapidly compared to fiat currency, but that didn’t stop Landon. His goal is to support the market and keep the funds in his wallet as much as possible.

Some other drivers are following his steps like Brandon Brown who has become a partner with LGBcoin and will have their logo printed on the vehicle. Unfortunately, the sponsorship has been declined because of some issues but it has become a common thing for crypto platforms to look for sponsorship opportunities.

How Betting On NASCAR Works?

If you want to use your BTC to bet on NASCAR, you will first need to find the platform that has this option. Most of these websites will be split into two groups including online casinos and sportsbooks which are meant for sports betting.

One thing that makes it different from other sports is the lack of options to play. For example, the most common thing is the single races and betting on tournament winners. A good thing is that you might know the racers and how they will perform that day.

If you love the track and visit them from time to time, it becomes easier to see if someone is going to win. This will help you make the right choice but it still depends on the car’s performance also. This is the factor that other sports don’t have but matters a lot.

Stick To One Platform

It’s much different when you are looking for an online casino and sportsbooks because you might want to change the slots you play. It can be difficult to find a reliable crypto platform that supports NASCAR so do your research properly.

Stick to a website that has a great reputation and can withdraw your funds fast. There’s a huge chance that the biggest name in the gambling industry will have an option to bet on Nascar so start from the top.


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