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This Is the BEST Way to Earn Interest on Your Crypto

If you’ve been HODLing, and just letting your crypto sit idle, you’re potentially missing out on a hugely profitable opportunity.

Your crypto capital could be earning interest, working hard on your behalf, and the best way to do this is with an interest-generating wallet. Without having to lift a finger, you can make sizable passive profits through bull and bear markets.

While there are a lot of wallet options for crypto owners to choose from, the ArbiSmart (RBIS)  project’s interest-generating wallet is worth a closer examination.  Not only has the veteran project a reputation for reliability, but it is changing the crypto wallet landscape, by introducing completely new types of savings opportunities, providing bear-market resilience, and offering unmatched rates.

A Stellar Track Record


Since ArbiSmart was first established in 2019, the project has maintained a spotless track record and has not experienced a single system breach.  ArbiSmart is fully EU registered, with active operating authorization issued by the Lithuanian FCIS. This means that the project is authorized to provide a range of virtual currency services, and must comply with strict requirements, from maintaining a secure, functional platform and software, holding sufficient operational capital, and client capital protection, as well as maintaining financial transparency.

Financial flexibility and industry-high rates

The ArbiSmart wallet supports a huge selection of FIAT and cryptocurrencies,  such as  BTC, BNB, COMP, LINK, ETH, AXS, XRP, AAVE, USDT, EUR, GBP, and USD to name a  few.


You can hold on to popular established coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as FIAT currencies like EUR and GBP and make as much as  49% interest a year. However, if you choose to open a savings balance in RBIS,  ArbiSmart’s native token, you can earn interest as high as 147% a year!

Choice is key here, and as an ArbiSmart wallet holder you can have the best of both worlds.  You can keep your FIAT and crypto capital in a savings plan for a chosen period, with higher interest, the longer the lock on the funds. At the same time, you can choose to have the daily interest on the capital transferred to an open balance, so  that it can be withdrawn at any time. So, you can lock your funds while also accessing the profits they continue to generate, at your convenience.

Equally, you can choose to keep the daily interest locked in the savings balance alongside the capital on which it is being earned for a higher interest rate. Also, if you choose to receive your interest in RBIS, (even if the savings plan is in EUR or BTC), your profit will be even higher.

There are a number of additional benefits to wallet owners for holding RBIS, including higher interest rates for RBIS balances as well as the projected growth potential of the token.

To start with, the more RBIS you own, the higher your account level, meaning you earn higher interest rates on all supported currencies.

As a result, even in a falling market ArbiSmart wallet owners are choosing to hold large amounts of the native token, RBIS, in order to enjoy sky-high interest on their stable coins and FIAT. This ensures that even when the crypto market is crashing, RBIS is continuing to gain ground.

RBIS tokens also give you a voice over the direction of the project. One RBIS equals one vote, so the more RBIS you own the greater your power over decisions about ArbiSmart’s future.

In addition,  ArbiSmart is continuing its steady growth in 2022, with a stream of new RBIS utilities. This should massively drive demand for the token, raising passive profits from savings plans in all currencies.

Multiple utilities in a single crypto hub

ArbiSmart started out as an automated crypto arbitrage trading platform, offering up to 45% a year in passive profits. Over the  coming months it is adding to its service portfolio and evolving into a diverse financial ecosystem.


Next month in Q3, ArbiSmart is introducing a mobile version of the platform.Itisalso releasing a decentralized yield farming program, rewarding users for staking their funds with 0.3% of the fees on each trade as well as up to 190,000%  APY. Almost simultaneously, ArbiSmart will also be releasing a collection of thousands of one-of-a-kind digital artworks as well as an NFT marketplace for the purchase and sale of non-fungible tokens.

Closely following the introduction of these utilities, ArbiSmart plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange of its own as well as a play-to-earn metaverse where players can buy, build on and sell virtual plots of land for real-world profit.

RBIS is the currency required for use of all ArbiSmart utilities. It enables the owner to generate revenue from crypto arbitrage, purchase NFT’s, participate in the yield farming program, and access the play-to-earn metaverse and as more utilities are introduced these will also be fueled by RBIS. As a result, RBIS  demand is set to rise, while the supply, which is limited, will shrink as new utilities and ownership incentives are introduced, pushing up the price.  

RBIS liquidity and demand is also likely to increase due to the interconnected nature of the ArbiSmart hub. So, a non-fungible token from the ArbiSmart marketplace might serve as an avatar,or point-boosting in-game item in the metaverse. Also, use of one RBIS utility will be rewarded elsewhere, so someone holding an NFT will receive higher returns when staking funds in the yield farming program.

The project’s reputation for security, record of consistent steady growth and stream of new developments reflect the native token’s potential for huge capital gains, meaning higher returns for wallet holders with accounts in all currencies.  The interest rates offered to RBIS holders are also second-to-none, so to take advantage, before the price goes up,  buy RBIS now.

In addition, if you want steady passive profits, whichever direction the market is moving, on multiple FIAT and digital currencies open an ArbiSmart wallet today!

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