That’s why this coin is about to go up from $ 0.3 to $ 200
That’s why this coin is about to go up from $ 0.3 to $ 200

That’s why this coin is about to go up from $ 0.3 to $ 200

By Crypto Advertising - 15 Jul 2022

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So many new coins are entering the exchanges all the time, and the majority disappear as quickly as they arrived, while only a rare few become household names.

However, the most promising projects all have a few things in common, such as ongoing development; secure, reliable, revenue-generating utilities, and the rapid adoption of new blockchain trends and technologies.

One up-and-comer that meets the brief is ArbiSmart (RBIS), which although it was first listed just last quarter is already gaining the attention of analysts, who are predicting a 20,000% rise in 2022. 

Moving into High Gear

So far, ArbiSmart has launched an automated crypto arbitrage investing platform that generates between 10.8% and 45% in annual passive profits, depending on the sum invested

Over the next two months, the project is putting its foot on the accelerator, with the introduction of a series of additional  EU authorized utilities, starting with a digital interest-bearing wallet.


ArbiWallet will provide safe storage for a wide choice of crypto and FIAT currencies and offer a range of savings plans. Wallet holders will earn up to 147% on RBIS accounts, and 49% interest on accounts in every other supported currency.


Immediately following the wallet launch, ArbiSmart will be releasing a mobile version which will enable users to deposit, withdraw, exchange, buy, and store crypto from any iOS or Android device.

Also in the pipeline for the coming months is a decentralized yield farming program. The  service will be offered via Uniswap, with direct access through the ArbiSmart dashboard. Program participants will be able to provide liquidity by staking funds in ETH/RBIS and USDT/RBIS  pools, for rewards of up to 190,000% APY as well as 0.3 % of the fees from each trade.

This will be closely followed up with the release of a collection of 10,000 unique digital artworks and the introduction of an NFT marketplace where non-fungible tokens can be bought and sold.

Something for Everyone

ArbiSmart is attuned to the latest crypto trends and in addition to developing DeFi and NFT services, 2022 will see the introduction of a multiple new RBIS utilities that will bring together gamers, traders, collectors, artists, and investors within a single financial ecosystem.

In the back half of the year, ArbiSmart will be launching a cryptocurrency exchange as well as a crypto banking package that will include crypto debit cards, payment services and IBANs.

In 2022, the project will also be introducing a play-to-earn metaverse that will enable gamers  to buy virtual plots of land and then develop their digital real estate, hold on to it  or sell it for real-world profit.

Ecosystem Interdependency

Currently the RBIS price is hovering at around $1, though it is expected to rise to 200 times its current value in the coming months.  This is because the introduction of each new utility will increase demand for RBIS, since it is the currency required for use of every product or service in the ArbiSmart ecosystem. As demand grows, the supply, which is forever capped at 450M RBIS will drop, pushing up the price.

The whole network of RBIS utilities is interconnected. For example, an non-fungible token from ArbiSmart’s NFT marketplace might be used as an in-game tool in the metaverse. Also, use of multiple services across the ecosystem is incentivized. So, holding an NFT will ensure higher yields from the yield farming program and use of the ArbiSmart exchange will mean better rates for funds stored in an ArbiWallet, which should further boost RBIS demand and liquidity.

The RBIS token is about to skyrocket and investors who buy while the price is still in cents and not hundreds of dollars will make the highest gains.  To get on board before the development push drives up the price considerably, buy RBIS now

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