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Double Your Crypto Securely Using This Strategy


When it comes to crypto there are no certainties,  as the recent bear market has shown us. However, it is possible to keep your crypto capital safe until the market recovers, while also making a sizable, steady profit, and the most secure, reliable way to achieve this is with an interest-bearing wallet.

The Benefits of an Interest-bearing Wallet

The primary advantage of an interest-bearing wallet is that it can generate generous passive profits with no effort required, and with close to zero exposure.


In contrast to the high-risk strategy of speculating on rising and falling prices in the volatile crypto market, storing capital in a wallet is a safe choice. In addition, it is open to everyone as it does not require market expertise, or hours spent staring at a screen analyzing and tracking price movements. 

Equally, an interest-bearing wallet lets you HODL, but instead of leaving your capital sitting idle while you wait for it to go up in value over the long term, it puts your money to work on your behalf, earning interest.

A major benefit that is becoming more evident than ever in the current crypto climate is the bear-resilience of an interest-generating wallet. Even as prices crash interest rates are consistent and while you wait for the market to bounce back, you can be doubling or even tripling your balance.

What to Look for in a Wallet

Security is vital when picking a wallet and every safeguard that your provider implements is critically important.  Clearly high returns are also a major factor and so is the ability to custom build your wallet savings plan to meet your specific financial needs.


One up-and-coming wallet generating a great deal of  buzz since it was launched earlier this month checks all these boxes. ArbiSmart is an interest-bearing wallet and crypto finance ecosystem, fueled by the native token, RBIS. It is EU registered with authorization to provide a range of cryptocurrency-based services and is obliged to comply with strict requirements. ArbiSmart must provide client capital coverage, maintain fully functional systems, and implement strict security procedures including KYC and AML protocols.

Also, the flexibility of the wallet plans means there is something to suit everyone. The  wallet supports a massive range of FIAT and digital currencies, including traditional currencies like EUR, USD, and GBP, in addition to well-known coins like BTC, ETH, XRP, BNB, COMP, AAVE, APE, AXS, MANA, LINK just to name a few. Funds can remain accessible without earning interest, or they can be locked in a savings plan for two, three, or five years. Wallet holders can decide to add the interest, which is paid out daily, to the locked savings balance, alongside the capital on which it is being earned or they can choose to have it automatically transferred to a separate balance, where it is instantly accessible at any time.

In terms of revenue, the ArbiSmart wallet provides unmatched interest rates reaching as high as 147% a year

Additional Revenue Streams

A coin that is on the rise mean great capital gains and if you choose a wallet with a strong native token this can create a valuable second source of passive profits.

RBIS is on a steady upward trajectory, even as other coins feel the bite of the bear trend, and according to analysts, the price is set to rise from its current value of around 50 cents to $27 by 2023.


The precise amount of interest that a wallet holder earns on all of the supported currencies is based on their account level, which is determined by the amount of RBIS they own. RBIS ownership is also incentivized in other ways. For example, all supported FIAT and cryptocurrency balances can earn up to 49% interest a year except for an RBIS balance, which can generate up to three times that amount. Also, even if a wallet holder has a BTC or EUR balance, they can choose to receive their daily interest in RBIS and earn a higher rate. These factors are likely to drive demand for the native token, making it more valuable. Meanwhile, as the new wallet takes off, and grows its user-base, more RBIS will be locked in savings plans taking it out of general circulation and limiting the already finite supply.  As supply drops and demand rises the token price is likely to climb.

Another of the main reasons for such positive  analyst projections is the development push getting underway in the second half of 2022, with the expansion of the ArbiSmart  ecosystem leading to potentially huge profits for those who buy RBIS before the price rises further.

In Q3 -Q4 ArbiSmart is introducing a mobile version of the platform, a decentralized yield farming program, a digital art collection and an NFT marketplace. This will be quickly followed by the launch of an ArbiSmart crypto exchange as well as a play-to-earn, gaming metaverse. Every single one of these new products and services will require use of the RBIS token, driving demand higher.

The ArbiSmart ecosystem also already offers an automated crypto arbitrage service that generates up to 45% profit a year and each of these additions to the ecosystem will provide new ways to earn a profit. For example, as a reward for staking funds in the decentralized yield farming program, liquidity providers will get 0.3% of the fees from every trade as well as up to 190,000% APY.

Even in a downturn, you can continue to grow your crypto capital, making money just for securely storing it with the right digital wallet.

Ready to dive in? Give the ArbiSmart wallet a go!

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