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How Winner Block disrupts the online gaming industry


As gamers continue to seek the greatest, most secure, and most transparent gaming experience, the online gaming industry continues to evolve. This is just what Winner Block intends to give, as this decentralized platform is poised to revolutionize online gaming. Winner Block is a completely transparent and decentralized online gaming platform. In addition to providing gamers with the most enjoyable gaming experience, it also takes care of the community. 

On July 20, 2022, the token and web app will be released, enabling you to link your wallet, manage your WBlock tokens, and play our decentralized games. Furthermore, users will be able to access and play from your browser on any device! Playing is straightforward and consistent regardless of location, but participants will need a browser compatible with the wallet to use their services. 

Access WinnerBlock’s beta app

For those willing to test out WinnerBlock’s unique system, the beta application is accessible through the testnet, as the developers of WinnerBlock wanted to test and modify their program’s functionality based on users’ feedback. Participants may thus utilize “play money” to enjoy this test environment. In accordance with the insights from those who use the beta application, future development and additions will be made to the already accessible features.

Uncovering WinnerBlock’s rewards system

Being the core pillars of the WinnerBlock ecosystem, three WCards are available: bronze, silver, and gold. Numerous little incentives will be offered to gamers every day. In addition, Winner Block is committed to rewarding everyone since players do not need to correctly predict four numbers to win a prize. They can win a reward even if they correctly estimate a single number. 

Moreover, the prize amount at Winner Block equals the total number of WCards users mint on the application. The distribution method is totally open, and 70% of the prize money is awarded to winners. Holders and the team each earn 10 %, while 10 % is set aside for charity. 

In addition, players may be certain that their victories benefit not only themselves but also other people and charity organizations from across the globe. Winner Block is a totally decentralized environment that enables gamers to vote on which organizations should get 10% of the funds. Subsequently, each non-profit organization gets an amount according to the percentage of votes received.

The cross-platform software makes it simple to play on desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets, and in addition to the daily rewards, players may fight for the weekly Big Jackpot. Here’s the greatest part: Winner Block ensures that participants are rewarded and contribute to other areas. 

WinnerBlock’s successful presale event

The WinnerBlock presale event kicked started on April 20, 2022, marking the commencement of this unique gaming endeavour. Eventually, the Winner Block presale concluded on June 20, and it was a great success for the initiative. And for the team!

Nearly $400,000 (1540 BNB) was raised during this phase to help finance the company over the next year. 

The next step will be the public launch, planned for July 20th and we think it will be a great success. 

Do you want more information about Winner Block? 

Website: winnerblock.io

Telegram: t.me/winnerblock

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