The Safest Way to Make 150% on You’re a Bitcoin and Ethereum in a Bear Market
The Safest Way to Make 150% on You’re a Bitcoin and Ethereum in a Bear Market

The Safest Way to Make 150% on You’re a Bitcoin and Ethereum in a Bear Market

By Crypto Advertising - 27 Jul 2022

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One of the best ways to make money from your Bitcoin, even when prices are tanking, is with an interest-bearing wallet. Rather than just letting your capital sit there until the storm passes, you can put it to work earning a passive profit.

Choosing the Best Interest-generating Wallet

Obviously, there are a couple of factors to consider when picking a wallet. Firstly, it needs to provide secure storage, secondly it needs to offer high interest, thirdly, it needs to offer flexibility, so it can meet your specific requirements at different times, and finally, the project  needs to be able to maintain growth, even as prices crash.

A new interest-generating wallet that has been steadily gaining traction and that appears to tick all the boxes belongs to the ArbiSmart (RBIS)  project.

To begin with, the ArbiSmart wallet is EU registered and authorized, meaning that it  has to comply with European regulation relating to financial transparency, operational security, and client capital protections.


In addition, the wallet offers industry high rates of up to 49% a year on a massive selection of supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies from EUR, USD and GBP, to BTC, ETH, XRP, BNB, COMP, AXS, and many others. However, if you choose to open a savings plan in RBIS, the native token, you can make as much as 147% a year.

Funds can be held in a savings plan for various time periods and the longer the lock on the funds, the higher the interest. Also, you have the choice to hold the interest which is paid out daily in the balance alongside the locked capital on which it is being earned. Alternatively, the main balance can be left untouched, but the daily interest can be automatically transferred to an open balance for instant access, at any time.

A Strong Native Token

For ArbiSmart wallet owners there are a number of advantages to holding RBIS. For a start, one RBIS token is equal to one vote, so owning more RBIS also means greater voting power over the future of the ArbiSmart project.

Then, there is the fact that wallet balances held in RBIS earn a higher interest rate.  Also, for a balance is in Euro or Ethereum if the wallet owner chooses to receive the daily interest on the balance in RBIS, the interest rate will be higher.


The more RBIS you own, the higher your account level. Since your account level decides the rate of interest you earn on balances in every currency, wallet holders are making sizable RBIS to get an unmatched return on their stable coins and FIAT currencies. As a result, even as crypto market prices are dropping, RBIS is becoming stronger.

All these incentives for using RBIS increase demand and boosts the native token’s potential for massive capital gains, meaning higher returns for wallet holders with balances in all currencies

Another major way in which the native token is likely to increase in value is due to the many new RBIS utilities in the pipeline for the second half of 2022, which are helping the project grow at an incredible rate.

A Solid Growth Trajectory

The RBIS token has an excellent track record to date. Since the project was introduced in 2019 it has grown steadily in value. The RBIS token was listed for the first time in January 2022 and has since been added to a broad selection of tier-1 exchanges, and big names like Coinbase are providing their own guides on how to purchase the token.

The project started out with a single service, crypto arbitrage, an automated investment strategy that generates passive profits of up to 45% a year from temporary price disparities across exchanges. These price disparities occur just as frequently in a downturn or an upturn, meaning that ArbiSmart offers a great hedge against falling prices.


ArbiSmart is now in the process of expanding, transforming into a financial services hub, offering a variety of utilities. For example, next  month, in Q3, a mobile version of the wallet is being released as well as a decentralized yield farming program, which will be offering up to 190,000% APY and 0.3%  from the fees on each trade in reward for staking capital in  ETH/RBIS  and  USDT/RBIS liquidity pools. Almost simultaneously, next quarter, ArbiSmart will also be launching an NFT marketplace where RBIS can be bought and sold.

By the end of 2022, ArbiSmart is also intending to introduce a cryptocurrency exchange as well as a gaming metaverse. The play-to-earn virtual world will enable users to make real-world revenue from buying, building on and selling digital plots of land.

To buy an NFT, use the automated crypto arbitrage platform, or purchase real-estate in the metaverse, you will need to use RBIS, increasing demand for the token and as more utilities get added in the future they will also be fuelled by RBIS.  The supply is forever capped at 450M, so as demand rises, the amount of available RBIS will fall, pushing up the token value.

Demand is further boosted by the interconnectivity of the entire ecosystem, where funds purchased in the exchange can be held in the wallet and an NFT can be used as an in- game item in the metaverse. Now is the time to buy RBIS, before the new developments are introduced and the price becomes  less affordable.

By keeping your Bitcoin and Ethereum in an interest-generating wallet that is part of a rapidly expanding, trusted crypto ecosystem, you can put your money to work on your behalf and make unmatched returns, even in a bear market.

Take advantage, and open an ArbiSmart wallet today

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