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Crypto Heroes: play with Cryppo to win up to 1 Ethereum

Registration ends at 2 PM (CET) today, 4 August, for people interested in playing with Cryppo’s NFTs in the Crypto Heroes tournament to win up to 1 Ethereum, 2,000 Noku tokens and 5 copies of The NFT Magazine.

You can only participate if you hold NFTs from the Cryppo collection, launched in December by The Cryptonomist and ArtRights. You must hold the NFT in your wallet until the end of the tournament or you will be disqualified. 

Those who have more than one Cryppo may also decide to open multiple Noku wallets and import multiple Cryppo to participate in the tournament with multiple profiles.

This will not be an advantage as it takes more time and more cards to track, but it is still an option.

In any case, to play it will be necessary to own at least 1 Cryppo NFT and import it to Noku.io. Tournaments are free admission.

The prizes of the Crypto Heroes tournament

The Crypto Heroes tournament will begin today, 4 August, in the afternoon. Specifically, the prizes for those who win are:

  • A special Cryppo card for all entrants;
  • 1 copy of The NFT Magazine for the top 5 winners;
  • 1 Ethereum to whoever ranks first in the tournament;
  • 2000 Noku tokens divided as follows:
  • 800 tokens to the first place winner
  • 500 tokens to the second place winner;
  • 200 tokens to the third place winner;
  • 150 tokens to the fourth place finisher;
  • 50 tokens to the fifth place finisher;
  • 40 tokens from the sixth to the tenth place;
  • 20 tokens from eleventh to fifteenth place.

How to play Crypto Heroes

Crypto Heroes is a game built on the Noku blockchain: it is a trading card game about the blockchain world.

Upon registration, the user will receive 20 NFTs to be used to participate in the tournament and subsequently in any other Crypto Heroes tournament.

After finding the tournament dedicated to Cryppo on the Crypto Heroes board and clicking Join you will need to field 12 cards, two of which must be of type A.

Noku’s NFTs are tied to one or more cryptocurrencies, with corresponding multipliers. Wild cards (J) and antagonists (A) will go to change the total score depending on the conditions.

The deck should be chosen carefully since the cards will score determined by the performance of the crypto assets they are linked to.

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