This is the hottest coin of the summer, set to rise 4,800%!
This is the hottest coin of the summer, set to rise 4,800%!

This is the hottest coin of the summer, set to rise 4,800%!

By Crypto Advertising - 5 Aug 2022

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Throughout the  recent bear market a few coins have stood out from the crowd, gaining momentum, even as countless other established digital assets took a major, sustained hit. 

One of the most exciting of these is RBIS, the token fueling ArbiSmart, a digital wallet and financial services hub that analysts are anticipating will rise to 48 times its current value by the end of 2022.

In this article we’ll examine what types of factors make coins like RBIS so bear-resilient, and able to grow at such an accelerated pace even in a crash. 

Perfect timing

Timing is everything and this is certainly true of crypto investments. Just a few weeks ago, at the start of July, ArbiSmart introduced its EU registered and authorized interest-generating wallet.  Launching the wallet in a bear run allowed the development team to offer crypto owners a consistent passive revenue stream at minimal risk during a period of extreme market volatility. Whether the market is climbing or falling, interest rates remain the same, so instead of letting their Bitcoin and Ethereum just sit there doing nothing, wallet holders can earn a steady daily profit, simply for safely storing their funds, while waiting for the market to recover.

ArbiSmart wallet

The wallet caters to a variety of needs, supporting over 20 different crypto and FIAT currencies. Wallet holders can use the service solely for secure storage, keeping their capital fully accessible, or they can earn interest with a locked, long-term savings plan that can generate unequalled profits of up to 147% a year, depending on the balance currency and the time frame for the plan.  

The interest, paid out daily, can be sent directly to an available balance for withdrawal at any time, or it can earn a higher interest rate by being added to the capital on which it is being earned, in the locked savings balance.

The new wallet service is already proving popular, and it is driving demand for RBIS, the native token.

Rising demand 

ArbiSmart has given wallet holders several seriously compelling reasons to buy RBIS. The primary incentive is the fact that the amount of interest you earn on a wallet balance is based on your account level, and your account level is determined by how much RBIS you own. This means that whether your balance is in USD, BTC, or any other supported currency, you will benefit from a higher rate, the more RBIS you hold.

Another major motivator for buying RBIS is the fact that an RBIS balance earns triple the amount of interest earned on balances in any other supported FIAT or cryptocurrency. Wallet holders who want to keep their balance in APE, ETH, EUR or any other preferred currency, without converting it into the native token can still increase their interest rate by choosing to receive their daily interest in RBIS. 

Earn interest rates

Also, one RBIS is equal to one vote, so more RBIS not only means higher interest but also a greater say in the future direction of the ArbiSmart ecosystem further motivating users to purchase the token.

As more people lock RBIS in long-term savings balances for two, three, or five years, there will be less tokens in general circulation. The supply, which is already scarce, with a cap on the total amount of RBIS that can ever be minted, will diminish as demand continues to rise, pushing up the token price. 

Expanding opportunities

Multiple new services are in the pipeline for launch by the end of 2022. As they are rolled out through the remainder of Q3 and in Q4, RBIS demand will soar even higher, since the token is required for use by every utility in the ecosystem. 

First up is a mobile application that enables users to buy, sell, exchange, deposit and withdraw funds on the go. Simultaneously, ArbiSmart will be introducing a collection of thousands of singular digital artworks, as well as an NFT marketplace where Non-Fungible Tokens can be bought and sold. This will be immediately followed by the launch of a decentralized yield farming program that will have never-before-seen, unique gamification features. Participants will be rewarded for staking in liquidity pools with up to 190,000% APY plus 0.3% of the fees from every trade. By year’s end, ArbiSmart also intends to release a professional crypto exchange as well as a play-to-earn metaverse where visitors can earn real-world profits for buying, developing and selling virtual real-estate. 

The interconnectedness of each of these RBIS utilities further adds to the ArbiSmart hub’s liquidity and increases token demand. For example, if you use an ArbiSmart NFT as an in-game item, you can boost your points level in the gaming metaverse. 

So, in addition to interest in return for safe storage, and capital gains on the rising value of the token, you can earn additional profits from existing services like ArbiSmart’s crypto arbitrage utility, which generates up to 45% a year in passive revenue and from upcoming financial services like  gaming, NFT’s,  trading, and yield farming. 

The interconnectedness of each of these RBIS utilities further adds to the ArbiSmart hub’s liquidity and increases token demand

All these factors combine to make ArbiSmart (RBIS) one of the best crypto prospects in either a bull or bear market, and with projections of continued growth to 4,800% the current price by the end of December, RBIS is this summer’s hottest coin. 

To get on board, while the price is affordable, before the recently launched wallet gains even greater traction and new utilities are introduced in the coming months, buy RBIS now!

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