X3 your crypto in a bear market by doing this
X3 your crypto in a bear market by doing this

X3 your crypto in a bear market by doing this

By Crypto Advertising - 7 Aug 2022

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Not everyone who owns some crypto is a financial expert, and has the time to spend hours examining analytical charts and assessing which way the market is likely to shift next. In fact, many crypto owners just want to safely wait out the bear run until their digital currency regains its value. 

There is however one way that you can actually make money in a downturn, which involves zero effort and none of the risks of short term market speculation – an interest-bearing wallet. 

With an interest-bearing wallet, you can benefit from sizable passive profits whichever direction the market is moving, and this makes it the perfect home for your digital currency in times of extreme market uncertainty.

The ArbiSmart (RBIS) project, an EU registered and authorized crypto finance ecosystem, has been around since 2019, but at the beginning of July, it introduced its own interest-generating wallet, which it is rapidly gaining momentum. There is a great deal of buzz surrounding the project right now,  due to recent analyst projections  that the native token, RBIS, will rise to 90 times the current value by the end of Q1 2023.   

ArbiSmart provides a great use case for how the right wallet can generate multiple passive profit streams, and why it is such an advantageous way to effortlessly ensure your capital is growing steadily in a bear or bull market.

Profit from any currency, in any market

Offering industry-high interest rates of up to 147% a year, the ArbiSmart wallet supports more than twenty currencies, including FIAT  like EUR, USD, and GBP, as well as cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, APE, COMP, SHIB, MANA, AAVE, LINK, and AXS plus plenty of others.

Offering industry-high interest rates of up to 147% a year

The wallet enables users to store capital in locked savings plans lasting two, three, or five years, for interest rates that increase the longer the time-period for the plan.  The wallet holder can choose to have the interest, which is paid out daily, automatically transferred to a separate, available balance where it can be withdrawn at any time or it can be sent to sit alongside the money on which it is being earned in the locked savings balance, for a higher rate. 

Whether the market is soaring or sinking the interest rate remains consistent, so even in a bear market, you can make the same rewards for securely storing your capital.

An even better bottom line

With the ArbiSmart wallet you can significantly increase your earnings through ownership of the native token, RBIS. The amount of interest that you receive is set by your account level, which is determined by the amount of RBIS you hold. This means that by purchasing RBIS you will be increasing the rate you receive on savings balances in USD, BTC or any other supported currency. 

Increase your earnings through ownership of the native token

In addition, if you choose to open an RBIS savings balance, the interest rate is three times higher than the rate given for all other FIAT or crypto balances. Another option is to keep your balance in a preferred currency and just receive the interest in RBIS to boost your daily rate.

As the new wallet grows its user base these incentives will lead to increased demand for the native token. At the same time, as more people lock RBIS in long term savings and it gets taken out of general circulation the already limited token supply will shrink. Once demand outstrips supply, the price is likely to climb steeply. 

Keeping an eye on the horizon

Another factor driving token demand and leading to the incredibly positive projections for the RBIS price over the next six months is the 2022 development pipeline. Throughout Q3 and Q4 of this year ArbiSmart is introducing multiple additional RBIS utilities. These include a mobile application, an NFT marketplace, where participants can buy and sell non-fungible tokens, a collection of thousands of exclusive digital artworks, and a decentralized yield farming program, rewarding stakers with 0.3% of the fee from each trade and up to 190,000% APY

At the tail-end of the year, ArbiSmart also plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange as well as a gaming play-to-earn metaverse, generating real profits. Use of more than one of the ArbiSmart ecosystem’s interlinked services will be financially beneficial, so, for example, profits can be boosted by using a marketplace NFT as an in-game item in the metaverse. 

ArbiSmart ecosystem

All these new utilities will require use of RBIS, pushing up demand and generating sizable capital gains on the rising value of the token. Meanwhile in their own right, each of these services offers its own source of income, whether from staking, gaming or just storing funds. 

Over the next few months, as new services are introduced, and the wallet gains traction, ArbiSmart users will be able to benefit from multiple revenue streams in addition to the interest generated on wallet savings balances. To take advantage of the rising token value and receive higher returns on all ArbiSmart ecosystem utilities, buy RBIS now

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