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How to X90 your crypto by Q1 2023


If you are wondering  how you can generate a steady and reliable profit from your crypto in such a volatile market, you needn’t look any further than the ArbiSmart (RBIS) project, an interest-bearing wallet and crypto financial ecosystem. 

The EU registered and authorized project has been around since 2019, offering passive profits of up to 45% a year from crypto arbitrage. However, it is presently in the middle of a major development push, and the native token RBIS is one of the few coins projected to see major growth, even as the prices of more established coins plummet. 

A secure, bear-resilient strategy 

ArbiSmart’s wallet, launched just a few weeks ago, at the beginning of July, enables users to generate a passive profit in either a bull or bear market. Wallet holders can benefit from secure storage, plus the opportunity to earn a consistent return on their FIAT or crypto, with the same amount of interest, paid out daily, whatever the market trajectory. 

A bear-resilient strategy

Flexible financial management

The wallet supports more than twenty traditional and digital currencies including USD, GBP, EUR, XRP, BTC, ETH, BNB, APE, USDT, AXS, COMP, AAVE, MANA, and multiple others. It puts complete control in the hands of the wallet holder, who can choose to place their funds in an available balance that allows instant access any time, or in a locked savings plan for a chosen period, and the later the plan expires, the higher the rate of interest.

They can also determine how they receive their daily interest. It can either be received into the locked balance alongside the capital on which it is being earned, or it can be sent to an available balance for immediate withdrawal at the wallet holder’s convenience.

Different ways to receive interest rates

Exceptionally high passive profits

The ArbiSmart wallet offers up to 147% a year, higher passive profits than any legitimate competitor. The wallet holder’s account level determines the interest rate they receive on their FIAT and crypto balances, and the account level is based on how much RBIS, the native token, they own. Since more RBIS means a higher APY on all balances, buying RBIS is incentivized, driving demand, and pushing up the token price.

Interest rates up to 147% of APY

RBIS purchase is further encouraged by the fact that savings plan balances in RBIS earn triple the interest rate offered for savings balances in any other currency. If the wallet holder prefers to keep their funds in a different currency, they can still increase their APY by just receiving their daily interest in RBIS, while the balance on which it is being earned remains in EUR or BTC. 

Capital gains on the rising token value

Over the coming months, while demand increases the RBIS token supply will shrink, As the new wallet begins to build up its user-base, more RBIS will be locked in savings plans, leaving general circulation, and reducing the finite token supply, likely leading to a significant rise in the token price.

Demand for the RBIS token is almost certain to rise even higher in H2 of 2022, with the stream of new RBIS utilities being introduced throughout the third and fourth quarters. ArbiSmart will be introducing  a mobile application, a decentralized yield farming program, generating up to 190,000% APY and 0.3% of the fees from each trade, a collection of unique digital artworks, and an NFT marketplace. These services will be followed up by the launch of a play-to-earn metaverse offering real-world gaming profits and a cryptocurrency exchange.

ArbiSmart ecosystem

Not only are each of these new services designed to provide their own sources of passive income, but the user’s profits are increased when more than one utility is being used, due to the  interconnectivity of the entire ArbiSmart ecosystem. For example, NFT ‘s purchased with ArbiSmart can be used as metaverse in-game items, while using the upcoming exchange will result in higher wallet interest.  

Unsurprisingly, analysts are anticipating that RBIS will rise to 48 times today’s value by December 2022 and 90 times its current price by the end of Q1, 2023. So, on top of passive profits from RBIS services like the interest-generating wallet, ArbiSmart community members can receive another source of passive revenues from capital gains on RBIS’ increasing price.

To get hold of the token, before the price increases dramatically over the coming weeks and months, buy RBIS now!

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