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Top 5 meme coins of 2022 ready to explode like Dogecoin


Crypto investors are looking for the next successful meme coin expected to replicate Dogecoin’s 2021 performance. Well aware of the high volatility risk associated with these digital assets, traders know they can target high returns with relatively low expenses. This guide will tell you about the best meme coins to buy in 2022.

The top 5 meme coins of 2022 ready to replicate Dogecoin’s performance  

Here are the 5 best meme coins to invest in in 2022:

  • TamaDoge – The best meme coin to invest in 2022
  • Battle Infinity – The best crypto about fantasy fooball in 2022
  • Lucky Block – The next meme coin ready to make waves 
  • Shiba Inu – The most popular meme coin competing with Dogecoin
  • Decentraland – Meme coin from the well-known metaverse platform

A breakdown of the top 5 meme coins of 2022 ready to explode like Dogecoin  

Let’s take a closer look one by one at the features of the 5 meme coins ready to explode in 2022. 

TamaDoge – The best meme coin to invest in in 2022 

One of the best meme coins to invest in in 2022 is undoubtedly TamaDoge. Right now the project has already reached a presale beta of $2 million and the second phase of the presale is in full swing.

TamaDoge is a play-to-earn platform where players must breed, train, and fight with TamaDoge, which are NFT animals. Champions earn points in the world rankings, and the top-ranked player each month wins the funds raffled in the pool.


To start playing, it is necessary to buy TamaDoge NFTs. Then they have to be taken care of by feeding them and playing with them. Players must be diligent in their care otherwise they might turn into TamaGhosts. 

Then the TamaDoge pups grow up and become adults, ready to compete with each other in battle.  

NFTs of in-game characters can be purchased in the TamaDoge Store, where people can also buy food, toys, and other items to care for their puppies. Profits generated from sales in the store are divided in the following way:

  • 65% makes up the prize pool each month for the winner 
  • 30% is used for marketing operations and platform development 
  • 5% is used to burn the $TAMA token and thus make it a deflationary crypto  

TamaDoge differs from other meme coins because it offers holders several benefits.  

For example, each NFT of TamaDoge is associated with a special 3D animation. This represents a character that one can use as an avatar and is able to interact with other metaverses. In this way, people use their 3D character to explore compatible platforms of other metaverses. 

In addition, TamaDoge is developing a cutting-edge augmented reality-based application that will allow players to experience the feeling of having their pets with them in the real world.  

Ultimately, TamaDoge represents the perfect marriage of P2E-type project with a meme coin of incalculable potential.   


Battle Infinity – The best fantasy football crypto in 2022

Battle Infinity in our opinion is one of the best, if not the best crypto in the metaverse to invest in in 2022. Through its metaverse access platform, this crypto project aims to offer a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol combined with the opportunities offered by play-to-earn (P2E) type systems. 

Specifically, Battle Arena is the gaming platform in the metaverse, which in turn provides access to six different P2E game modes. Battle Arena allows the community of a given virtual setting to participate in events or concerts. Players can customize their avatars by accessing the Battle Market store. Here characters and components are minted as NFTs through ERC 721-type smart contracts. 

On Battle Infinity everything revolves around IBAT, the project’s native crypto token. In fact, users must own IBAT to earn rewards and take part in P2E games such as the IBAT Premier League. This is the first NFT-based fantasy football tournament. 

ibat battle infinity

To participate, players must stake IBAT on the Battle Stake platform to which a 10% commission is applied. A portion of the tokens is distributed to Battle Infinity liquidity pools. In turn, the tokens are distributed through the related decentralized exchange (DEX) Battle Swap. 

The Battle Infinity team launched the IBAT token presale 11 July, 2022. During the initial funding phase and in just two weeks, IBAT raised more than $1 million, thus reaching the minimum goal set as a hard cap. Now the Battle Infinity team will work on developing the game and testing it before launch. 

To get the latest updates on its development, subscribe to Battle Infinity’s Telegram channel. On Telegram, no admin will ever contact you directly via message, so beware of scams and access official information only through the messages pinned to the top.

Visit Battle Infinity now 

Lucky Block – The next meme coin ready to make waves

The next meme coin to watch out for in 2022 is Lucky Block. This crypto project allows users to participate in prize contests by depositing NFTs from collections that are regularly minted on the platform. 

Lucky Block holds a weekly lottery and NFT draws every Friday, where prizes can be as high as $50,000. Users who own NFTs from the Platinum Rollers Club collection have free access to the exclusive Platinum NFT raffles. Everyone else must pay an entry fee worth $1 and is required to own at least 5 tickets. 


Users purchase and earn rewards in LBLOCK, the platform’s native cryptocurrency. LBLOCK is a token developed using the BEP 20 protocol that has already released its second version and was developed as if it were a classic ERC-20 token. In general, BEP 20 tokens charge a 12% transaction fee and are used on DEXs. 

In contrast, the token developed on the ERC 20 protocol will be launched on centralized exchanges and will not charge user fees on usage. The ERC 20 version of the LBLOCK token was recently launched on LBank, a centralized exchange. 

LBLOCK guaranteed users returns of up to 1.100% two weeks after its launch which took place last January. Lucky Blocks can be bought for $0.001 each.

Visit Lucky Block’s website 

Shiba Inu – The most well-known meme coin to compete with Dogecoin

Another meme coin that looks set to explode is Shiba Inu – the token native to the Shiba ecosystem. The platform hosts the decentralized ShibaSwap exchange that enables peer-to-peer crypto trading.  

This DEX is built on the Ethereum network and allows trading of tokens such as ERC-20, stablecoin and most major cryptocurrencies. Shiba Inu gained some popularity in 2020, which is when its creators dubbed the token the “Dogecoin Killer.” Given the similarities with Doge and the support of social platforms, Shiba Inu became a major meme coin in 2021

shiba inu

At the beginning of 2021, the price was $0.00000001, until it later hit an all-time high of $0.00008845. Today Shiba Inu is below its ATH by about 90% and is trading at $0.000011. Yet since its launch in 2017, Shiba Inu has yielded for the very first investors an ROI of over 702,000%. 

Decentraland – Meme coin from the well-known metaverse platform

Another meme coin poised to make a splash is Decentraland, a three-dimensional, decentralized metaverse built from smart contracts in an Ethereum environment. 

Decentraland is a decentralized play-to-earn (P2E) platform where users can buy, sell, and trade virtual lots of LAND. Each lot of LAND is like a plot of land minted in NFT format on the Decentraland metaverse, the buying and selling of which is done through the native MANA token. 


Players must own and hold MANA tokens in their wallet on Ethereum to complete transactions during the game and receive cryptocurrency rewards. Due to the growing notoriety the metaverse has gained, MANA became a highly successful cryptocurrency during 2021. The token touched an ATH with a listing of $5.80 in 2021 and is currently trading at $0.91. 

Since its launch in 2017, Decentraland has rewarded early investors with a return of more than 3,400%. 

How to buy $TAMA

Below we illustrate how to buy $TAMA, the best cryptocurrency to buy today.  

Step 1: Create an Ethereum wallet. 

Users can download a wallet compatible with the Ethereum blockchain, such as MetaMask, to buy $TAMA.

buy tama


Click on “Download” to start using MetaMask

Step 2: Buy ETH or USDT

Users can buy $TAMA tokens by exchanging them for ETH or USDT. To do this, they can use any exchange that allows the purchase of ETH or USDT in exchange for current currency. Or, they can buy $TAMA thanks to the fiat on-ramp feature available in the beta version of the dashboard dedicated to selling, that is, using current currencies directly to buy crypto. 

Step 3: Connect MetaMask to the presale dashboard.

When you are on TamaDoge’s presale page simply click on “Connect Wallet” to connect MetaMask with TamaDoge;

buy tama 1


Simply select the MetaMask option and follow the instructions to connect the wallet to the presale.

Step 4: Buy $TAMA

Once connected, you can choose one of these ways to buy TamaDoge: 

buy tama 2

For example, to buy $TAMA with ETH simply type in the desired amount of $TAMA. 

buy tama 3

Once you have completed the presale you will be able to redeem the $TAMA tokens purchased. 


With this guide we have presented you with the top 5 meme coins that promise to explode in 2022. After analyzing the main features, we suggest considering TamaDoge as the most promising meme coin in 2022. Investors can purchase $TAMA on presale for $0.001 and choose to take advantage of the different metaverse and P2E-featured games accessible with TamaDoge. 


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