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This Less than $0.5 Coin Is Expected to Hit $14.5 by Dec. 2022!

The crypto market took a massive hit in the past year, but not all crypto assets have suffered. The bear market has actually created some lucrative opportunities with coins that offer steady profits, regardless of market conditions,coming out ahead. 

One such coin is RBIS, the native token behind the ArbiSmart hub. 

ArbiSmart’s EU authorized wallet and financial services ecosystem is one of the few projects to not only survive the crash but thrive, kicking off a major expansion. In fact, analysts have projected that RBIS, which is currently valued at less than 50 cents will rise to $14.5 by the end of this year and to a whopping $27 by the end of Q1 2023!

ArbiSmart’s Journey So Far 

The ArbiSmart project was established in early 2019, with its first utility, automated crypto arbitrage. The service is exceptionally bear-resilient and offers a great hedge against falling prices. It generates passive profits of up to 45% a year, from price disparities across exchanges that arise with the same frequency in a bull or bear market.  RBIS

Just a few weeks ago, in early July, ArbiSmart introduced its interest-generating wallet, another bear-resilient utility generating passive profits at minimum risk. Wallet holders can keep funds accessible without earning interest, or they can lock their funds in a savings plan for a chosen timeframe to generate exceptionally high profits of up to 147% a year.  The interest rate will stay the same, whichever direction the market is moving, so wallet holders can make a profit just for storing their capital, while they wait for prices to bounce back.

The wallet supports over 20 popular FIAT and crypto coins, which can be placed in short-term savings plans, with the lock lasting one, or three months, as well as in long-term plans for two, three or five-year, stretches. The longer the plan, the higher the interest rate. 

Wallet holders also control how they receive the interest on their capital, which is paid out daily. It can be sent to an available balance where it can be withdrawn any time, or it can be added to the locked capital on which it is being earned, for a better rate. 

The size of a wallet holder’s profits is also impacted by the amount of RBIS, ArbiSmart’s native token, that they hold, and this is driving up the token price significantly.

A Strengthening Token Economy

Purchasing RBIS results in much higher revenues and this leads to greater token demand. 

The interest rate you receive is based on your account level, which is determined by the amount of RBIS you hold. So, if you buy more RBIS, you will get a better daily profit on your BTC and EUR. Also those at higher account levels will also be eligible for compounding, another strong motivator for buying RBIS. 


In addition, RBIS savings balances earn three times more interest than all other supported currencies. Wallet holders who don’t wish to keep their savings capital in RBIS can choose to increase their profit by receiving their daily interest in the native token. 

With more people locking RBIS in savings plans there is less in general circulation, so as RBIS demand rises, the supply, which is finite, will diminish, pushing up the price. 

Capital Gains and Other Revenue Streams in H2

Token demand is also set to soar, as a result of the development push kicking into high gear in the coming months, with the introduction of a string of new utilities, all of which will require use of the RBIS token. This means that in addition to crypto arbitrage profits and interest from savings plans, RBIS holders will earn massive capital gains on the rising token value. All these new utilities will also generate their own individual revenue streams, from staking, gaming trading, NFT’s and more. 

In Q3 and Q4, ArbiSmart is launching a mobile app, and a decentralized yield farming program, which will generate up to 190,000% APY, and 0.3% of the fee from each trade. It is also expanding its ecosystem by adding a collection of thousands of unique virtual artworks and an NFT marketplace for buying and selling non-fungible tokens.  By the end of H2, ArbiSmart also plans to release a play-to-earn gaming metaverse providing real-world profits, as well as a professional grade cryptocurrency exchange. 

It’s also worth noting that the entire ecosystem is interconnected. For example, an NFT can increase a gamer’s point level in the metaverse, incentivizing use of multiple services across the ArbiSmart hub, meaning RBIS demand and liquidity will climb even higher.

In the weeks and months ahead, as the freshly launched wallet gains momentum, building up its global user-base, and a series of new RBIS utilities are introduced, the token price is likely to skyrocket. 

To get a slice of the action, earning from multiple revenue streams simultaneously, before the token price takes off, buy RBIS today!


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