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eXFi – Web3.0’s Decentralized Derivative Exchange


eXFi is a last-generation decentralized derivatives trading platform, launched in 2022, with up to deep liquidity and 100x leverage for all trading pairs. Platform has a simplistic user interface, multiple collaterals and advanced risk management for their users.   

eXFi built on Layer 2 for fast order fulfillment and low gas fees. Users can place large orders with the best possible prices without KYC and stay in full control of their private keys.


Users can place large orders  without KYC and stay in full control of their private keys

eXFi combines all the advantages of a CEX with those of a DEX

At the top of the screen is a quick access bar to all available pairs for trading, which allows quick switching between different pairs.

eXFi is one of the most transparent derivatives exchanges when it comes to order information. All order specifications are always available to the user, including opening timestamp, margin used for the trade, open price, last price, expected liquidation price, take-profit and stop-loss prices, commissions paid, funding fees, unrealized and realized pnl and return on investment.

Leverage and Liquidity

Traders can significantly increase their trading profitability by using up to 100x leverage. Leverage allows you to “borrow” assets from the exchange and execute trades at larger quantities than you normally would in spot trading, while maintaining a funds requirement proportional to the leverage used. For example, let’s imagine that the price of 1 Ethereum is 1000 USD, a long ETH/USD position would normally cost you 1000 USD to execute, while using 10x leverage you could open the same trade with 100 USD in your account. eXFi allows you to use up to 100x adjustable leverage on all trading pairs, meaning you can unwind on any trading pair that is listed on the exchange.

Leverage gives you the opportunity to short sell. If you believe an asset is bound to go down, you can borrow it, sell it, then buy it back at a lower price and pay back the borrowed amount, leaving a profit on the difference between the price you sold at and the price you bought back (short selling).

Keep in mind that using leverage involves risks and should not be taken lightly, but rather with caution as it may result in a loss.

eXFi excels in terms of liquidity by aggregating it from multiple exchanges, allowing you to stay calm even when executing the largest orders. Liquidity is often overlooked when choosing an exchange and sometimes causes consternation for consumers when the markets they trade on turn out to be illiquid, leading to price sways and slippage.  In this way, slippage is kept to a minimum and market prices that never deviate from the global average are guaranteed, meaning that the market price you see when you press the long or short button is certainly the price at which the order will be placed and opened.


eXFi offers security on par with the highest industry standards, consisting of multi-layered security protocols and round the clock auditions performed by placing amongst the top decentralized exchanges when it comes to safety for the user.

Some of the features include:

  • SSL Encryption for all data transferred between your devices and the eXFi servers
  • Real-time monitoring
  • DDoS protection
  • Ability to link your email account to your eXFi account

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, derivatives play a huge role in market movements. So far, dozens of security breaches have been recorded on other exchanges and user data has been stolen and/or lost, along with users’ funds and identities being constantly at risk from hacker attacks. 

A cryptocurrency exchange is only as secure as its weakest link, and for this reason decentralized exchanges have started gaining traction, simplifying the process while allowing the user to remain private.

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