Explosive 9,000% growth projected for top crypto up-and-comer
Explosive 9,000% growth projected for top crypto up-and-comer

Explosive 9,000% growth projected for top crypto up-and-comer

By Crypto Advertising - 22 Aug 2022

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Over the last week there have been some encouraging signs that the crypto market is emerging from its bear run, with a rise in total crypto cap from $1.03 trillion to $1.1 trillion, plus 3% Bitcoin gains and a 13% rise for Ethereum. Those who see this as a turning point, are diving back in to the market now, before prices climb any higher.  

Experts have been highlighting a few less well-established coins recently that also show huge potential, which they anticipate will soar in value in the coming weeks and months. One of these is RBIS, the native token of the ArbiSmart project, which analysts are projecting will rise by 4,800% by the end of 2022 and by 9,000% by the end of Q1 2023. 

A profitable flagship product

ArbiSmart is an EU authorized interest-bearing wallet and financial services hub that steadily gained ground during the crypto downturn. This is because it provided a consistent, industry-high passive profit of up to 147% a year, even as prices fell, since interest rates remain the same, whichever direction the market is moving.   

The wallet, which was introduced just a few weeks back, at the start of Q3, supports more than 20 different FIAT and digital currencies. It offers a wide choice of savings plans from short-term 1 and 3-month plans to long-term 2, 3, and 5-year plans with higher interest the longer the lock on the funds. The interest is paid out daily and the recipient can choose either to have it automatically sent to a separate, available balance, where it can be accessed any time, or have it added to the capital on which it is being earned, in the locked savings balance, in which case the rate will be higher. 

A full ecosystem

A token that is gaining traction

One reason that the token price is likely to soar in the coming months is that there are multiple financial incentives for purchasing RBIS.

The amount of interest that a wallet holder receives is determined by their account level, which is based on the amount of RBIS they hold. This means that owning more RBIS generates higher interest rates, even if the account balance is in a different supported currency.   

Balances in RBIS also generate three times higher interest than balances in another currency. However, not everyone wants to convert their Euro, Bitcoin or ApeCoin into RBIS. So those who want to keep their main balance in another currency can still choose to boost their profits by receiving just their daily interest in RBIS.  

As the new wallet continues to attract users, token demand will increase. With more people locking RBIS in savings plans, as the utility gains momentum, the number of tokens in general circulation will decrease, leading to a drop in supply. Once demand outstrips supply the price is likely to rise considerably.

The RBIS token

Another factor likely to have a huge impact on the token price in the months ahead is the major development push that is currently underway in Q3 and Q4. Multiple new RBIS utilities are being introduced, all of which will require use of the native token, further driving demand.

Massive future growth potential 

In the next few weeks, ArbiSmart is introducing a mobile application, enabling users to buy, sell, exchange, store, deposit and withdraw funds directly through their phones. Also, in Q3, the development team is launching an NFT marketplace for the purchase and sale of non-fungible tokens as well as a collection of thousands of exclusive pieces of digital art. Almost simultaneously, ArbiSmart will also be introducing a decentralized yield farming program that will offer unmatched staking rewards to liquidity providers of up to 190,000% APY plus 0.3% of the fees from each trade. Looking just a little further ahead, a professional cryptocurrency exchange in the pipeline, as well as a play-to-earn metaverse, which will generate real-world profits for the purchase, development and sale of virtual plots of land.

All the utilities across the ArbiSmart ecosystem will be interconnected so use of one service will provide beneficial terms when using another. For example, the yield farming program has unique gamification features and ownership of ArbiSmart NFTs will boost points in the program leading to a higher staking APY. 

ArbiSmart NFTs

All these RBIS utilities will provide their own sources of revenue from gaming, staking, trading and NFT investment, while also pushing up RBIS demand and generating unrivalled capital gains on the rising token value. 

The incredible potential of the RBIS token makes it a coin worth watching in the weeks and months to come, as the wallet gains momentum and as new utilities are introduced in rapid succession. Although currently affordable the price is on the brink of an explosion. To get on board before the window of opportunity shuts, buy RBIS now!

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