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Analysts Believe this Coin Will X70


The crypto bear trend shows no sign of ending. However, while many are cutting their losses, others are finding exciting, profitable opportunities, with new up-and-coming coins.

One coin that is generating a huge amount of buzz right now is RBIS, the token powering ArbiSmart, an EU authorized  interest-generating wallet and financial services ecosystem.  The RBIS token is expected to soar over the coming months, with analysts projecting a rise to 70 times the current value by the end of 2022.

So, why are projections so high for this coin and what makes it so crash-resilient?

A Thriving Bear-Proof Ecosystem

To begin with, ArbiSmart offers a variety of services that enable users to make a passive profit, even as prices plummet. The project’s automated crypto arbitrage system offers a useful hedge against a crash by exploiting temporary price differences between exchanges, which arise just as frequently in a downturn or an upturn. The user simply deposits funds and then the automated system takes over, generating passive profits of up to 45% a year.

Another ArbiSmart bear-resistant utility is its interest-generating wallet, which pays out the same rate of daily interest, in both bear and bull markets. Introduced early last month, the wallet supports an array of 25 FIAT and cryptocurrencies from EUR, GBP and USD to BTC, ETH, and APE, offering unmatched rates of up to 147% APY.

Funds can be securely stored in an available balance where they can be withdrawn at any time, or placed in locked savings plans, for periods of 1 month, 3 months, 2 years, 3 years, or 5 years, where they earn interest at a higher rate the longer the plan timeframe. The daily interest can be transferred automatically to an available balance where it is accessible at any time or sent to the locked savings balance where it is added to the capital on which it is being earned for a higher return.

Low-risk and effortless, the wallet allows users to make a deposit, then sit back and wait for the market to recover while their balance grows larger each day.

Incentives Driving RBIS Demand

Users are given strong financial motivations for purchasing RBIS, increasing demand.

The more RBIS a wallet holder owns, the higher their account level, and the more interest they earn on savings balances in all supported currencies.

Wallet holders can earn three times higher interest on their capital if their savings balance is in RBIS. Alternatively, users can keep their savings balance in EUR, BTC or another preferred currency and still boost their profits by receiving the daily interest in RBIS.

As the user base for the new wallet grows, RBIS demand will rise, while the finite available supply shrinks, pushing the token price higher. 

Upcoming Utilities Requiring RBIS

Demand for the token is expected to grow substantially in the months ahead with the launch of a range of new RBIS utilities, all of which will require use of the RBIS token. These include a mobile application, a collection of unique digital artworks, an NFT marketplace and a decentralized yield farming program rewarding liquidity miners with 0.3% of the fees on each trade as well as up to 190,000% APY. By the end of Q4, ArbiSmart is also intending to launch a play-to-earn gaming metaverse and a cryptocurrency exchange.

Since all these utilities are interlinked, users will be able to seamlessly use multiple services once and receive beneficial terms. For example, an NFT from ArbiSmart’s marketplace can be used as an in-game item for boosting a gamer’s score in the metaverse.

The forecast is very sunny for ArbiSmart (RBIS), even in the current crypto climate, for numerous reasons. RBIS owners are earning industry-high returns for storing their Bitcoin and Euro with ArbiSmart. They will also enjoy exceptional capital gains on the rising token value, as new utilities are introduced, as well as earning separate profits from using these services.

To seize the moment before the price takes off in the months ahead, buy RBIS now!

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