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Big Eyes Coin is the New Vision-focused Cryptocurrency to Outrun Both Polygon and Dash


Cryptocurrencies have amassed great success since their inception in 2009. With their presence in the trading market, individuals are beginning to use them alongside fiat currencies. Money is an essential aspect of human transactions; it is the binding factor that connects trades and services. Therefore, it needs to be versatile; as a result, the introduction of cryptocurrencies has been perceived as a game changer by experts. Cryptocurrencies have created a world where the value of money can be gotten in several ways. Apart from this, most of these currencies operate on a decentralized system which implies that the need for a third party for successful transactions has been eliminated. In addition, some cryptocurrencies are currently being accepted as a payment type by specific industries and organizations.


It is no news that Bitcoin and Ethereum are the leading currencies, but new coins are attempting to solve the limitations posed by the principal coins. With its adoption of a proof-of-stake blockchain and Plasma Framework, Polygon (MATIC) hopes to instigate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by solving the scalability issues on several blockchains. Dash (DASH), an open-source network, aims to improve Bitcoin by creating stronger privacy and faster transactions. The network also has plans to be the most user-friendly and scalable payment-focused cryptocurrency. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) intends to bring more attention to meme coins by introducing a dynamic tax system that will erase extra transaction charges. Also, by making donations to organizations dedicated to the wellness of the oceans, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is set to dominate the crypto market.

Polygon (MATIC): The Internet of Blockchains

With the constraints often associated with Bitcoin and Ethereum, several people are diverting to coins such as Polygon (MATIC). Polygon is showing excellent prospects by providing solutions to some of the challenges posed by the Ethereum Network, which are low transaction throughput, high fees, poor user experience, and so on. This network attempts to create a multi-chain ecosystem of Ethereum-compatible blockchains. To achieve this, there will be the provision of a simple-to-use framework that will allow developers to launch their own Ethereum-compatible blockchain in a simplified way. 

Interoperability is a big deal in the crypto industry, and Polygon is tapping into this to ensure that different blockchains can exchange information and value freely. The network also uses validators to speed up transactions and reduce charges. To further improve accessibility, Polygon supports stand-alone chains and secured chains. The Polygon (MATIC) tokens can be staked by using the official Polygon Wallet. Also, users can delegate their Polygon (MATIC) coins to validators to receive part of their rewards. In addition, Polygon (MATIC) cryptocurrencies are used to participate in proof-of-stake consensus and pay transaction fees. 

How Efficient is Dash (DASH)?

The goal of the Dash (DASH) token is to be user-friendly and focus on scalable payments. To actualize this, the network functions on certain masternodes, servers designed to provide advanced services securely. The master nodes also offer a second layer of services to the Dash network. Additionally, they speed up functions such as ChainLocks, PrivateSend, and InstantSend. ChainLocks makes the Dash blockchain immutable, PrivateSend offers additional privacy for transactions, and InstantSend enables quick payments. 

Dash network operates on a Proof-of-Work algorithm known as X11. It was created by Duffield, one of Dash’s founders. The X11 has been tagged as one of the safest cryptographic hashes used by modern cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the Dash network offers privacy, reduced charges, and increased speed. Transactions on the Dash network are confirmed within seconds, which implies that a small amount of time is used to validate them. Every Dash (DASH) token is deflationary and it has a limited supply; this means that the tokens are burned to an untraceable wallet and removed from the total supply. With this, the value of this token increases over time.

Is Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Token the Future of Meme Coins?

Big Eyes Coin is a community-driven and decentralized platform with plans to provide a new approach to divert wealth into the decentralized finance ecosystem. Alongside this, the network intends to preserve oceans as they are an essential part of the world’s environment. Since their introduction into the crypto market, very few meme coins have been treated with pervasion. To address this, Big Eyes Coin is set to change the narrative by proving that if given room to thrive, meme coins can become an essential aspect of the cryptocurrency industry. The network aims to go big in the NFT sector by getting one of its NFT projects featured in the top 10 NFTs in the marketplace.

Additionally, NFT events and competitions will be hosted on the platform. With this, there will be increased participation in the forum which will foster the growth of the network. Likewise, the users will vote on whether all the returns earned during the NFT events are burned or not. The success of Big Eyes (BIG) depends mainly on the participation and the level of interest shown by users; to keep this interest, users will receive frequent tokens, extra prizes, and NFT giveaways. During the organized NFT events, art sellers and buyers will be able to engage in social interactions that will, in turn, benefit them and the Big Eyes network. Judging from the success of the presale, it is evident that the purchase of Big Eyes Coin will be a great decision for individuals that decide to go forward with it. The dynamic tax system put in place by the creators will ensure that users enjoy taxless transactions. This system allows the network to grow organically while the platform maintains its community-oriented stance. Users can access Auto Burn functions, marketing wallet, and LP acquisition as an alternative to tax deductions. 

In an attempt to stand out from the mainstream meme coin crowd, Big Eyes Coin chose a lovable cat as its mascot. It aims to prove that this chosen mascot can be more productive than overused meme dogs. Big Eyes is working on a unique NFT Sushi Crew Club that will allow the token holders to take advantage of the best reward and purchase the best available NFTs.


What is on the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Tokenomics?

Due to the goals, Big Eyes is set to achieve; the tokens have been shared to suit different purposes. There will be a total supply of 200 billion BIG tokens. 70% will be reserved for the presale, 20% will be for exchanges, 5% will be set aside for the marketing wallet, 5% will be visibly held for charity, 4% will be distributed to the original sellers, 5% will be distributed to holders, 10% to the Tax NFTs and 1% will be preserved for charity.

Why Should Big Eyes Coin (BIG) be Purchased?

With the recent plunge experienced by leading cryptocurrencies, purchasing BIG tokens should prove to be a smart move. The success of its presale shows that the Big Eyes (BIG) token is here to stay as it promises that users will earn a passive income without extra deductions on the transactions. As of early August, both Bitcoin and Ethereum have dropped by 30% due to progressive inflation; as a result, there has been a continuous migration to new coins with significant prospects; It is no doubt that Big Eyes (BIG) tokens will be one of them. With this predicted success, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is on its way to skyrocketing in the crypto market.

How to Purchase Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

The creators have simplified the purchase of this coin to create accessibility. Three important steps have to be followed to purchase BIG Tokens successfully.

  1. Users should install the Meta Mask wallet on their devices. While the purchase will be easier on a desktop browser, individuals that don’t have access to this can download Trust Wallet on their mobile phones and ensure that it is connected through a built-in browser.
  2. Once the wallet has been installed, individuals should click on Connect Wallet and choose the appropriate options. For individuals using their mobile phones, Wallet Connect should be selected. After this, prospective buyers can choose from the following; Buy Big Eyes (BIG) with USDT, Buy Big Eyes (BIG) with ETH, and Buy Big Eyes (BIG) with a card.
  3. After the presale has been concluded, buyers can claim their tokens.


New coins are slowly gaining prominence in the cryptocurrency industry, and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is one of them. With its brilliant idea to operate on a decentralized system and donate to the preservation of the oceans, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will attract a lot of interested individuals. This Anime-styled coin has big plans to improve the perception of meme coins. It aims to end the relegation of this type of altcoin. Its simplification of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance will facilitate its growth. However, potential buyers and users must conduct extensive research to ensure that Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is the right purchase for them. 

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