MT Tower – A metaverse making brands & influencers influential again
MT Tower – A metaverse making brands & influencers influential again

MT Tower – A metaverse making brands & influencers influential again

By Crypto Advertising - 2 Sep 2022

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MT Tower, the new metaverse experience with uber-realistic avatars, takes its first steps in the market. The unique web3 platform about lifestyle and gaming allows people to make new social connections, meet brands, and create their own world, sharing it both from within and beyond. This concept breaks the rules of traditional social media, and brings people a new social platform with culture and virtual art, enabling them to create their own fame and influence. In fact, it is potentially the evolution of social media, using metaverse and web3 to introduce it.  At the same time, the founders are preparing to complete the first round of financing – the “Strategic” one – on September 2, which is available only to a closed group of investors. During this stage, the token has a preferential price of $0.01.

MT Tower: New metaverse experience

The new metaverse called MT Tower is a space where everything is about virtual interactions. It can expand beyond existing social platforms, and has the ability to answer all those needs with tokens, entertainment, and immersive experiences. With wide customization tools, users will drive their own creativity that goes beyond what is possible in the real world. The founders of the platform focus on the future of social platforms. Through cutting-edge Web3 technology, they let people be the influencers in the virtual world and inspire others. 

One of the main goal of the project is to create a metaverse platform with a wide set of customization tools where users will run life as Virtual Influencers on all social media platforms allowing them to also have a wide range of opportunities to create avatars, and customize their appearance and lifestyle according to their preferences. Virtual Influencers are used to connect all brand social touchpoints into one big ecosystem – the MT Tower Metaverse. Also in MT Tower there will be numerous opportunities for brand representation & collaboration. It will be an intuitive yet powerful platform that will enable the ability to attract attention, to deliver value and culture, and to push themselves to the next level. 

There is a growing trend with people wanting  to have more influence in the space they live in. Giving them the opportunities to create their own world with brands and experiences – but with no borders – will trigger their creativity and allow them to express themselves. MT Tower is the new symbol of this future – creating a virtual lifestyle – and  basically, a virtual everything. The platform will provide fans the best entertainment experience including but not limited to games, livestream, and other forms of cooperation

says Igor Łukasik, the Founder and CEO of MT Tower. 

By creating a new method of building social connections, the founders want people to have a surreal feel and gaming atmosphere in the digital world. They hope to bring more possibilities to virtual social platforms in the future, and redefine the way people socialize by leveraging engaging and interactive methods.

Virtual influencers are poised to become the trendsetters, tastemakers, and style icons of the next generation. Computer-generated “beings” with realistic human characteristics, features and personalities, are made personable and enable them to make emotional connections between brands and audiences.

Research shows that virtual influencers are several times more effective at persuading the masses than their human counterparts. Their existence is virtual, but their influence is real.

  • 55% of people who followed Virtual Influencers made more purchases; 
  • 55% attended an event; 
  • 53% followed a brand;
  • 52% researched a brand product.


In addition to the launch, the founders celebrate the success of the ending of the funding round, which is proceeding as planned. The token price at this point has a preferential bid of $0.01. The second round will be launched soon, available to a wider group of investors, but for a limited time. The price of one token at this stage will be $0.02. Looking at the pace of the project’s development, the creators assume that they will enter four top cryptocurrency exchanges at the beginning of October.

Start following the progress of the project – more information is available on the website, social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) and MT Tower One Pager.

*This article has been paid. The Cryptonomist didn’t write the article nor has tested the platform.

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